How to write a national democratic essay?

How to write a national democratic essay?

The topic of the essay might be a polarizing issue for some core Marxists. At the same time, it is important to follow some socio-political requirements: the article should express the ideas of the Left Party about the future of the country and the way to fight it.

In other words, it is important to show the extent to which the ideas of the radical left-wing work and social movements are compatible with the real life. Of course, some of them may not coincide with the opinions of the masses, but this phenomenon should be described in detail in essays on the impact of political and economic forces on the development of society.

The rhythm of their growth should be accurately calculated, and the main goal (the revolution) should be reached. The main problem of the situation is the transition from the low to the high class in the process of economic growth. Often the identities of the agent of political change are unstable. The changes in the content of the psyche are manifested, in particular, the transformation of the concept of the state, the object of social criticism.

The English philosopher Francis Bacon said that, in order to prevent such moments, it is necessary to insure the social order by means of law, public instruction and other measures of influence, especially on the subject of the act. The first step to this goal is the establishment of punishment for crimes against the rights of the individual, the establishment of work records on violations of labour laws.

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Certainly, numerous problems exist in the labour market. But the purpose of the debate is the idea of the fact that, even in the midst of a crisis, working people do not forget about the state and its task only. Simply physical, mental and social limitations do not allow to perform the functions assigned to them, to use the free time and to live with their own problem.

But the main thing that allows people to realize the value of work and to use the opportunity to balance the balance the gap between the middle class and the labour class in society is a coherent plan for the work of the collective labour movement which may be described in achieving the American Dream essay.

The composition of the population is usually preceded by a social advance, the growth of material wealth and a increase in the social status of certain members of the population. Such processes are accompanied by the natural increase in the interest of the working people, their hope for social improvement and universal, shared experience of the collective labour.

So, you may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of income inequality essay: the middle class gets rid of its economic, political and governmental privileges, and only the high level of the population sees the “golden rule” and the rule of natural law in its constitution.

The status of the middle class in the United States is lower than in England and France. However, the unmistakable advantage of this layer of the population is that, in America, the middle class is a highly educated and respectable caste, and the embodiment of the ideal of America is one of the most powerful and influential symbols of the world society.

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According to the experts, there are several generations of middle class already in the US. The interval between the two classes is 10 years. The birth of a common national standard of living for the middle class is three decades. The average income of US citizens is three times higher than the incomes of the middle class of England.

Perhaps, it is easier for the middle class to absorb the established culture of life than to integrate into the social structure of society. As a rule, in the era of consumer philosophy and high society, the middle class is widely viewed as the source of income for the entire society. Of course, the middle class is also often seen as a “social pool” for which each additional participant needs to have an adequate income.

But it should be stressed in essays on income inequality that, in England, the middle class is considered as the basis of the state budget, the main consumer of state wealth. All state institutions, both at the state level and in the sphere of private property, are aimed at achieving this goal.

The middle class is the only one of the social groups that has a socially useful value. You may push forward in income inequality argumentative essay that the imbalance between the middle class and the lower class is maintained. For example, in the culture of some countries of the EU, the middle class is relatively well-protected from poverty, and this allows it to use the social protection system. In Germany, the middle class is also relatively well-protected. From year to year, the number of nuns and priests is constantly growing. The social order of the Vatican is the symbol of “the round door” in the lobby of the cathedral, the door to the inner shrine of the church, the bible “in the closet” in the tabernacle, and so on. The image of the middle class in the average person is no less important than the image of the working class (principle).