How to write a national report?

How to write a national report?

If you are assigned to write a national report, congratulations! Such assignments are a easy task. All you need to do is to select the so-called national experts. From a moment when writing a report is first happening, you should think of yourself as a talker who also should deliver the facts of the report. The task of report is to form a valid argumentation along with the techniques of its passage to the audience, understanding of the subject, expressing own opinion.

It is recommended to follow at least two methods: selection and expectation. First, you need to understand the topic and then you should be ready to talk. We hope that the abovementioned recommendations will help you write a really unique and interesting paper. You will be happy to know that you can always ask for help if you want to get some tips on how to write a report on child abuse. The experts of the Pro-Papers company, the best report writing service in Australia, are always ready to support our customers, making their life easier and brighter.

Child abuse statistical data essay

In order to write a short essay on child abuse, you should consider covering the topic of the paper. As a rule, such texts are for the subjects of the vocational disciplines. The topic can be of any importance, be about the problems of child abuse, social problems, or even political situation. The matter is that the topic is a very wide and interesting theme which is easily accommodated in a variety of ways. Having said that, we recommend you to be especially careful when choosing the topic of the research, because the subjects here may appear quite dated or even disproved by other scholars. Apart from the most obvious things like unemployment, poverty, political situation, it would be quite strange to propose a theory of population growth based on the paper on social problems of US citizens. Yet, such a approach will be perfectly applicable for any audience, from the department of health to the university curriculum. Anyway, sickness and death in America are among the top causes of childhood mortality, behind divorce, poverty and social inequality. But, despite the many problems that are associated with these factors, we can still consider them in an essay on child abuse and neglect.

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Best child abuse essay

Despite the modern progress in the fight against child abuse, many countries are still unaware of the existence of such a problem as child abuse or neglect. The problem is that children can be physically abused, and parents rarely take care of them. That is why so many parents have chosen this problem as a target of development for their children. In the essay on child abuse and neglect we can provide helpful information and helpful statements to help people understand the danger and take the necessary actions to prevent it.


The topic of the essay is controversial and often ridiculed. The high level of juvenile delinquency indicates the presence of serious problems in the family and a number of laws that should be passed to tackle it. This is why such essays are often referred to as ­analysis papers”. The argument is that, in the modern world, there are more and more children with psychic problems. It is proved that the society is not able to take care of these children, to protect them, and to save.

So, according to social research, children can be:

  • exposed to serious stress caused by violence and unfair treatment at the places of work, family and educational institutions;
  • entention in a social institution (a child is forced to pass health, education, police training, etc.);
  • subjected to harsh treatment at the residential complex, clubs, etc.
  • The problem of child abuse in the family can be recognised in different ways and forms. Here are some examples of primary and secondary types:

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  • Physical abuse. The mistreatment of children is performed mainly by children from young age. This type is called physical violence against another person.
  • Mention in media exploitation essay that more than 70% of adolescents with deviant behavior have experience of physical violence (this estimate is very close to the number of victims of violence). But there is another risk of exposure to abuse. The trouble is that many victims are not reported because of fear of revenge on the part of the family. The fact is that victims do not associate themselves with the offender. The victim may have an idea that the kid is addicted to him, that he is a bad parent and the kid is a bad husband. The tendency of a deviant behavior in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychological consequences of repeated abuse of children, which are called consequences of violence, are manifested in the formation of a dysfunctional family. The phenomenon of violence is usually experienced by a woman.
  • Bullying. The expression of displeasure is often focused on the attitude of the parents towards the child. This type of abuse is most often experienced by women. The behaviour of adults is also characterized by hostility, aggressiveness in relation to the victim.