How to write a national standard on police brutality

How to write a national standard on police brutality

States should develop their own domestic violence policies. This means that the introduction of a new law regulating police brutality should be carried out simultaneously with the work aimed at eliminating the existing problems.

Among the main police brutality essay examples, it is difficult to say how seriously the problem of police brutality takes place today. The fact is that the functions of the free press are often exceeded, and the freedom of opinion is often restricted. So, it may be stated in police brutality essay conclusion that, in Europe, the function of the free press is to check the state of affairs in the field of the law and public opinion.

There are important legal instruments to protect the individual, including human rights, the inviolability of the person, the right to life, liberty and adequate food. This, in turn, means the right to fair trial, to the right to participate in the management of the state through parliamentary representation.

To protect the individual, the British Empire introduced a new type of criminal punishment for aggressive behaviour: deprivation of liberty, exile, constraint of liberty (action), restraint of movement, entailing of passengers and damage to the goods, the right to property, the right to medical care, etc.

Repression is considered as one of the most effective methods of management.

The police opened fire on the protesters

In June 2011, in the United Kingdom, police beat a protester in the face. After the outbreak of outrage wave, the police explained their cruelty by the fact that it is difficult to provoke people.

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The flight of the marchers was stopped

In July 2011, the marchers were given 10 days in the prison and on November 17, 2012, was banned by the police to keep living in the UK under a pseudocode. The act was introduced into force on April 26, 2013.

The number of participants in the protest was increasing every day

Between May 2010 and September 2011, there were about 100 rallies supporting the freedom of expression in the UK. The first one was on May 6, 2010. The following lists were compiled by the local press at that time: to the Angels’ parade, to the Football Association Cup, the Irish Cup, the Russian Federation Cup, the American League, the Canadian League on Equal Distribution, the Australian Cricket Team, the American Team for the Divisions Cup, the respective federations of the players.

The practice of human rights violation in the United States for media outlets

Many practitioners of the American information industry claim that the US law on the protection of human rights is the strictest in the world. So, the temptation is quite understandable. The US police abuse of force is well known. The whole system of international supervision of the state of affairs in the country is shown as a single body.

Police brutality essay in the US

It should be emphasized in a “Policemen and citizens” essay that the problem of human rights is especially acute in the United States. In the US, there are meaningful legal means of protecting workers, but the exercise of power is often very different from the ideals expressed by the famous writers.

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The problem of human rights external pressure is especially acute. The US Constitution, adopted in 1787, exists only in the minds of the vast majority of the citizens. The real meaning of the First Amendment is often underestimated. We clearly see the differences and contradictions in the approaches of the different authorities in the area of protecting the rights of citizens, but the overall picture of the game is quite different.

As the examples show, the apparatus of the American police is very different from the approach of the English and French authorities to problem of criminal activity in the same territory. True, the French and American conceptions of human rights are very different. But the general rights outlined in the American Bill of Rights are quite different from the demands of the present situation in the real life.

As a rule, all people are given the right to life, liberty and security. This is a natural human rights. The police cannot take away rights of citizens without a warrant, and the president has the right to pardon individuals caught in a state of immoral behavior.

The game of idealism is often led by the rhetoric of the strong, aggressively and completely antagonistic states. The task of the left is to ensure and maintain stability in a democratic state, as well as to guarantee a sufficiently high degree of freedom of speech, press and other mass media.

The main instrument of the rights protection is freedom of the press, which can be considered as the most important social, intellectual and political institution, since the primary source of information is the press, on the basis of which the new information feeds. In this sense, the American concept of freedom of the press is one of the oldest in the world.

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As the famous D. Pulitzer wrote, country and its press will always rise and fall together.