How to write a parental sacrifice essay

How to write a parental sacrifice essay

It is important to understand the importance of parenting. The people of different age groups, in different ways, and sexes tend to create a kind of “queue” for the younger generation.

One of the most important markers of the transition of the individual in the group is the formation of a healthy lifestyle. However, in the process of aging, the scope of activities is greatly reduced, and the number of negative social emotions accumulates. The ripe age, as a rule, approaches 30-36 years. The elderly person begins to think about old age when it first falls into equilibrium. And the more and more attention the child pays to the external appearance, the more attention he pays to the inner voice not of the child, but the mother.

The above-mentioned facts are general for branches of it. However, it should be noted in a parental sacrifice essay that, in some families, there are specific rules for the hight of the child’s work. The following rules are most common:

  • When the child is engaged in hard and dangerous physical labour, the mother or father directs all the actions and attitudes towards him, is inclined to impose a ban on work after learning about his labour skills.
  • In the view of the child, all the actions of the mother are harmful, and the result of them is the child’s expulsion. However, in the case of domestic violence against adults, the role of the mother is much more modest and unobtrusive.
  • In the family, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law. However, the practice of alcohol consumption in the family is widespread. Therefore, according to authorities, it is unlawful to prohibit the consumption of alcohol by one adult or even parental group without parental control, except for cases of extreme cruelty.
  • In the spirit of parental influence, a woman is inclined to impose a domestic order on her husband (or her lover) whether the child is obliged to fulfill the role of such mother. Often, women themselves are the victims of physical and sexual violence.
  • The role of the family as a social institution is traditionally regarded as providing the offspring with a social status. However, the modern family faces many problems, which are subsequently inevitably reflected in the children. Among them are serious problems with children and with the relationship between the child and parents.
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    Psychological problems in the family

    In the family, there are problems of individual variations. They are associated with the changes in the value system, the elimination of the old values, the ascendancy of the younger ones. Also, in the child’s family, there is an increase in the number of adolescents (individuals under the age of 15) and a tendency to the turnover of adolescents (from 6 to 12 years of age, the time of the death of the child).

    There are disadvantageous forms of family. They are associated with the impairment of the family, the lack of life prospects of some families, the shortage of knowledge and ideas of the family, social isolation of the family, limitations on the ability to pay rent, a sense of purposelessness of existence, frustration with the chosen role, etc.

    Marriage declines, the desire for children and the lack of experience of marriage contribute to the instability of marriage. The desire for young children frequently becomes the cause of early marriages.

    Social disintegration of the family, the increase in the number of incomplete and disadvantaged families, problems with education and social protection increase.

    Recommendations for writers about family values essay

    The relevance of the “ essays about family” is connected with the fact that the phenomenon of human relationships on the earth continues to develop. The number of families continues to increase. The number of adolescents continues to increase. Problems of population management increase. There are more opportunities for getting education, more options for career growth and social advancement. In this regard, the role of the family as a social institution is more important than any other social institutions.

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    The number of adolescents still depends on the social and economic characteristics of a people. Adolescents are part of the social process. They are the recipients of both social and economic consequences of the advantages listed above.

    In the period of early adulthood (from 10 years), the motivation for marriage is very high. Nevertheless, the modern family faces many problems. The causes of them are the deepening of the economic problems of the family, problems with health, growing deviations in behavior and increased risk of being involved in criminal affairs.

    The family acts as a cultural community institution for the identification of previously warm relationships that were supported by the high society. But the modern family faces many problems at the same time.