How to write a personal essay?

How to write a personal essay?
I need help on starting a personal essay. It can be about any of my personal experiences. Here is a few things I could think of as my topic. Please tell me what things I can say about my topic and how to start it off.

1.) I have been in a house fire because my mom tried to learn how to cook from my grandmother.

2.) I have been in a camp that teached me parts of running my own business. ( I actually ran a small bath & body products business, making the products and creating a business plan, etc. )

I like number one very much.
It is funny, and can be developed along the lines of a simple exposition about your mom trying to learn to cook from your grandmother which resulted in that fire.

Progress from what you first observed (hope you saw something of that, or at least heard about it later… In which case you write what you were told) then go on to the grand finale: a house fire and how that was put out.

Essays (better essays) are generally pretty short and stick closely to the topic, using active-voice writing, and they always build up to a very interesting ending.
You can do this.
Even the way you wrote your number one topic idea tells me so.