how to write a personal essay?

how to write a personal essay?
we just finished reading The Great Gatsby a few weeks ago. and now we have to write a personal essay “in which [we]
discuss [our] own conception of the American Dream.”

so my focus is how morality has faded in achieving the
American Dream, especially in the face of potential
success, as can be illustrated by high school students and
their work ethic. my teacher said something about a high
school being a microcosm of the nation achieving the dream,
but im not really sure how that helps.

and the essay’s supposed to be 2 pages, but im not sure how to write a personal essay, especially on this kind of topic. any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

thanks!! 🙂

don’t focus so much on the structure of the essay rather than its content… well think of this… a high school is just such a small factor in the larger world–the world that is falling apart, and making it harder to achieve the american dream. there are several organizations advocating for the “new american dream” since the traditional one in the GG of being rich and such — is unattainable.

So, if you’re dirt poor, your AD would be having food, if your middle class, your AD might be being a millionaire, and if your Upper Class, your AD might be being a billionaire… but if you think about it… the true American dream is a dream that every kind of people dream (Americans–which signifies the greater world)–and it has nothing to do with money.