How To Write A Personal Essay?

How To Write A Personal Essay?
I have to write a personal essay about my Grandma’s death by Friday. I have been very sick lately and missed alot of school, so i really need help writing it. Do i write it like its happening right now, or in the past tense? I need some examples of what i can write, it needs to be 6 paragraphs. Please help! =]

an essay should have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. For example an introduction would be a reason for writing the essay, this could be a short summary of what the main body of the essay will cover in your case for example how much your grandmothers life meant to you. The main body needs to discuss your thoughts in a coherent and logical order, such things as what your grandmother meant to you or what she did in her life and how she passed away are all relevant. The body of this type of essay is trying to deliver your thoughts and feelings in a coherent form. Finally the conclusion can be anything from a few thoughts about your grandmothers achievements or a thank you for her life or something to sum up how you willk remember her.