how to write a persuasive essay?

how to write a persuasive essay?
so i was wondering the steps to write a persuasive essay. i was going to write to my parents to persuade them on why i think i should get the iPhone. so please let me know on what you think the steps are. and maybe even give me some details that you think i could convince them more? thanks (:

Uhm, well to write a persuasive essay, I can give you a couple of hints and tips. This is how to write the standard 5-paragraph format

So, first of all, you should start with an introductory paragraph saying something like “Many teenagers have iphones today. I think I should have an Iphone because of [Reason 1], [Reason 2] and [Reason 3].” That last sentense is your THESIS and is VERY important. It should basically say that you want an iphone and then list three BIG main reasons.

Then the seconds paragraph should begin with [Reason 1] and should explain it a bit more in detail. The next paragraph should have [Reason 2] and explain that in more detail. The third paragraph explains [Reason 3] in more detail.

The final paragraph is where you restate the THESIS [very very important] and give it some sort of conclusion, wrapping it all up.

The main body paragraphs [the ones that explain reasons 1-3] should all end with a sentence that explains how it relates back to the Thesis

Be sure to list reasons in the main body paragraphs for why you SHOULDNT get an iphone [its to expensive, I allready have a phone, I don’t really need it…], and then counter arguments against them. [the money pays itself back, my phone is outdated, I think I DO need it because….]

Never put “Because I want one” as a reason. That sounds childish and really wont work.

Also don’t put something like “If you don’t get me the iphone, I will ____________” because that REALLY sounds childish and doesn’t work.

Allright, Good luck with getting that Iphone XD!