How to write a persuasive essay?

How to write a persuasive essay?

The essay is a persuasive paper which consists of two parts: introduction and conclusion. The volume of the essay is usually small. For this, the student divides the speech material into three sections: opinion (opinion), justification (arguments used to prove the thesis), and conclusion (like the conclusion).

The speech material is subjected to a number of rules:

  • The first rule is the presence of several arguments. The argument is usually provided in the introduction. The most important argument is the thesis statement. It should be brief and clearly state the topic.
  • In the third part, the arguments to the conclusion are conducted in the same way as in the argument to the beginning. The argument to the conclusion should be specific. It is usually placed in the end of the paragraph.
  • In the prose, the thesis is stated in the reverse sequence, i.e. the argument to the beginning.
  • The reverse sequence is the argument to the opposite point of view. In other words, you write a – to prove, i.e. – to defend a thesis.
  • The arguments to discuss in the essay on freedom of speech are related to the case when, on November 17, 1734, the newspaper publisher Peter Zenger from New York was accused of disseminating slanderous fabrications for publishing anonymous criticism of the British Brigadier-General William Cosby in the New York Weekly Journal.

    Thanks to the lawyer Hamilton, the journalist was acquitted by the jury on the charge of slander, censorship and interference in the press. The lawyer managed to convince the jury that no one can be sentenced to criminal punishment for public criticism of the authorities, especially when such criticism corresponds to the real state of affairs.

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    The functions of the free press

    The founders of the Constitution knew human nature, negative psychological impact of orthodoxy and imposition of standardized norms. They weighed the need to restrict free press and equated it to an insult of human rights. The best proof of truth is the possibility of thinking to be perceived in the market of ideas. You may use this statement as convincing freedom of speech essay thesis.

    In essence, such views are the legal maximums laid down in the basis of the American legal paradigm. At present, a huge number of impressive political and juristic formulas for the protection of self-expression have been accumulated in the United States.

    As the famous D. Pulitzer wrote, country and its press will always rise and fall together. A skillful, disinterested media trained to seek justice for the public good and to show courage in the struggle for it is capable of preserving the natural, democratic state, and the rule of justice.

    Cynical, self-serving demagogic press will eventually breed the same low-quality people. The opportunities to create the future are in the hands of journalists. The task of the state is to educate freethinking people who are not afraid to express their thoughts and improve the world around. Use this argument in free speech on college campuses essay.

    Therefore, the independent provision of news is one of the ways of serving the society, regardless of political systems which serve only as a means of achieving the ultimate goal. For Americans, democracy is a political means of establishment of freedom.

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    The existence of independent media does not guarantee democracy and civil society. Even after denationalization, many radio stations limit themselves to broadcasting of rock concerts. Such situation was observed in Budapest, Kiev and Ulan Bator. Some free stations practically did not have information programs despite the fact that modern media are valued primarily because of their ability to collect data without interference from the state, right to distribute news freely.

    As it is believed in the US information industry, the editorial point of view is less important than giving the public the opportunity to learn the trustworthy facts. On their basis, people can form own opinion. This approach to the media is very different from the Europe where competent commenting on events is usually highly valued.

    As the US citizens believe, the media’s devotion to accuracy and truth should be almost the same as the sacred trust that the patient should feel in relation to the doctor. Therefore, the main professional obligation of the journalists is to provide the audience with such facts that can be trusted. At the same time, it is desirable to present the information in an exciting form so that people want to hear and read what they need to know.

    Write in against censorship essay that, in general, the understanding and perception of the media as a “fourth power” arose in the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century.