How to write a persuasive introduction for an essay?

How to write a persuasive introduction for an essay?

The introduction for persuasive essays should contain some statement that will be presented at the beginning of the essay. You can use a quote, a philosophical phrase, statistics, a provocative statement as a hook for essay. When people are given access to express their thoughts, they can easily accept an opinion related to the topic. That is why the transition from the particular topic to the persuading argument should be gradual. 1.5-2 sentences will be enough.

How to start a persuasive essay?

The most important moment when people are given a complete freedom of choice is the first paragraph. Typically, it is the first paragraph of the essay. It is not recommended to write it as if you have a personal opinion. It is required to reflect on the topic. Choose a topic which you are interested in. If a theme relates to your past, you should select the ones, which you were studying at the time.

You can use a relevant quote or a spectacular question at the beginning of the paper to encourage the readers to further reflections.

We hope that these recommendations will help you write a persuasive essay, which will certainly impress the reader. Good luck with your persuasive essay!

Writing about friendship

The affable friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. Adhering to the world of psychological norms of thinking, it enables a person to achieve the most ambitious goals. Friends are highly valued in society because, in addition to personal satisfaction, they provide a wide range of benefits.

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Therefore, gems of communication that reveal the secrets of someone’s mind are considered to be the most valuable. Connections between people are highly demanded in everyday life. Otherwise, we would lose an opportunity to enjoy the precious time of life and spend with friends we love.

If you need to write an essay on friendship, you should mention the tips above. We know that emotions can sometimes be mistaken for the sake of false arguments. But when it comes to the heart of a person, all doubts disappear when he starts talking to someone. The thinking process shapes the world of a personality and the very existence of emotional warmth.

Although, if, for example, you write a narrative essay on friendship, it is not enough to just be able to sympathize with a fictional world. The story must be real, strong and everlasting. The object of friendship is not only a setting but also a nature of the people who love that person.

Such philosophical, eternal issues open up a huge space for reasoning, search for answers in a depth of your heart, provide an opportunity to acquaint the reader with your inner world and value system.

Psychological elements of friendship

Despite the modern obsession with the consciousness of friendship, it is also worth not forgetting about the psychological aspects of this feeling. The system of interpersonal relations underlies the process of communication in the course of which interpersonal relationships are formed and maintain.

  • Norms are differences between people, and they have to be arbitrated. The inner state of some particular individual can be decisively determined by the content of the message that he sends to society.

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    The reception of information and ideas by the recipient, the way they are processed by the brain, cerebral processes, as well as interactions with other people. Since the content of the message is also increasingly determined by the level of the cognitive activity of the individual, the object of communication increases in the emotional sphere, the level of which varies fundamentally for each individual.

    The study of the relationship between friends and each other (or the reverse) can be complicated by the fact that we have to count the activity of both.

    Professional orientation and selection of the profession

    When learning how to count the number of friends you have, you need to multiply this figure by three. Just as in arithmetic, it is more than three times. But simple mathematics gives rise to mathematical calculations which take a lot of time. Adhering to such principles, you can count friends attendance at parties and in marriage.

    As for the choice of profession, there is a general principle which can be considered as follows: in each profession, the number of friends should be equal if the opportunity to communicate productively is available.

    An example is the above-mentioned facts. The topic of the relationship between lovers of chess is different from the theme of friendship – a strong positive result indeed exists. However, this paradigm is not considered universally true. It is only an illustration of argumentation.

    From the standpoint of the egoist, the solution to this problem seems to be insoluble. There is simply no insight into the dynamic internal dialogue and the inner world of the individual. As a result, the problematic of interpersonal relations seems to be irrelevant.