How to write a persuasive introduction for online dating essay

How to write a persuasive introduction for online dating essay

When you have the assignment to write an essay, you have to perform a thorough analysis of the sources that support your point of view. There are different types of hooks, and it is necessary to use them appropriately.

  • Pose a question. A question immediately provokes the process of critical thinking in a reader. But you should try to avoid simple questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer.
  • You can also ask a rhetorical question, or the one that implies a positive answer, in order to make your audience agree with you.

  • Use quotes of famous people. The audience is likely to agree with an influential person, and thus, there is a high enough chance that your readers will agree with your words as well.
  • Use literary quotes. This type of hook is most pertinent when the subject of your writing is a work of literature. A literary quote can be taken from a novel, a poem, a short story, or an article.
  • Open with a joke. Funny hooks for essays are good to break the ice and make the audience more relaxed. However, an appropriate joke at the beginning of an essay does not necessarily mean that the rest of the writing should be fun too.
  • Start with a peculiar fact. If you surprise the readers with a catching piece of information at the beginning, they will be eager to know more.
  • Impress the audience with statistics. People are more likely to take your writing seriously if your assumptions are supported with numbers and precise data, so you can easily win their attention if you find the statistical data that are relevant to your topic.
  • Reveal a misconception. This is a strong tool to hook your audience and a good strategy to get your audience interested in further reading.
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    What is a hook sentence, and why should you use it?

    It is widely known that human ability to actively perceive information gradually declines within a short period of time. Thus, no matter how dazzling your introduction is, you will have to make an effort to heat up the audience’s attention throughout the whole essay. Some authors advise using hook sentences to start every paragraph of your writing. This may sound challenging and even absurd at first, but it is actually an effective strategy to keep your readers interested and focused on your topic. Moreover, it is a great gimmick to make sure that you do not switch topics unintentionally, and your writing supports the main idea without any contradiction.

    David Ogilvy, a world known expert in public relations, once composed a list of the most effective words for advertisement. But what does advertisement have to do with presenting your essay to the public? In fact, the process is quite similar, as you are promoting yourself as an author, and advertising your ideas as a product of your intellectual labor. In this attempt to make as much sense as possible in a relatively short piece of writing, hook words for essays often help authors and readers slide smoother from one point to another, making the essay more cohesive and logical. These words help in summarizing data, comparing and viewing similarities or contrasts, as well as illustrating and exemplifying the main points.

    How to write a good hook for an argumentative essay?

    Argumentative essays require thorough and consistent research of a given topic, a strongly built line of reasoning, and a distinct position regarding the subject. This type of writing involves a lot of prior investigation of different resources in order to formulate one’s thesis and argumentation. It is essential to substantiate your claims with facts without getting emotional. A strong argumentative essay should also have a logical structure.

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    Good hooks for an argumentative essay are the ones that actually make the readers be eager to explore the suggested topic more. The first paragraph of an argumentative essay should provide some insight into the chosen topic and contain a hook written well enough for the readers to start caring about the main problem that your essay explores. Edgy rhetorical questions, quirky puzzles, and powerful quotes of famous people are all among the effective argumentative essay hook examples. It is crucial to provide the main thesis in this section and give the readers some general idea of what the essay is going to be about. In the body paragraphs the topic should be examined from different perspectives, so omitting points that are contrary to the thesis is an ineffective strategy. In order to write a comprehensive essay, one should mention and discuss multiple points of view on a given topic. Good hook sentences for argumentative essays can also be used as transitions between different opinions, and make the writing process smoother.

    A general approach to writing argumentative essays typically implies a five-paragraph structure. Nevertheless, some topics are also possible to have more detailed explanations. In order to make your paper more comprehensive, more explanations should be provided in the ending of the first paragraph and in the beginning of the second one.