how to write a persuasive speech ?

how to write a persuasive speech ?

Intro: this part’s purpose is to catch the reader’s attention. Ask a question, list a startling fact, or tell an emotional and moving story. Writing speeches is a lot like writing an essay; you need an intro, a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure you have a good thesis.

Transitions: You don’t want to jump around from all the different points you’ll cover. Make sure you transition smoothly.

Body of the Speech: make sure this is full of relevant, interesting, and supportive information. You will want to address the counterarguments.

Conclusion: make it powerful, concise, direct, and resolved. Challenge the listener to change their opinions or behaviors.

Other tips: Don’t say things like “I think” or “I believe”. If you must say “I”, then say “I know”.

Also, one good way to format a persuasive speech is to have it organized into challenging the counterarguments. Let’s take homosexual marriages for example. One argument is that it’s “unnatural”. You could state that argument, and then go on to counteract it by saying that everyone deserves the right to get married to whom they choose, even if that person is of the same gender. People of different races mix; why is this any different? It is a powerful way to boost your credibility when you directly address your counterarguments.

There are 3 things you need to establish in your speech in order for it to be credible and effective. They are logic, emotional appeal, and your own credibility. your speech needs to have supportive reasons that are both sensible and logical, and emotionally involving. You also need to make it clear that you have the authority to speak on that topic.

I hope all of this helps!