How to write a political corruption essay

How to write a political corruption essay

It is best to start with this type of the academic assignment. It is widely known that the constitution of different countries proclaims them to be legal and democratic states, which implies the existence of guaranteed and really existing freedoms. They must be respected, which is why the study of political corruption is of great importance for the development of society. In this regard, the study of political corruption is especially relevant.

The experience of other countries of the world shows that the protection of minorities is not limited to the rights of the ruling elite. Highlight the diversity and equality of the results achieved by other groups, the dynamics of their movement, influence on the state structure, compromises the legitimate interests of other social groups, submits the legitimate interests of these groups to the dominant role.

The process of legal regulation, which should be based on the broad knowledge of the laws and public opinion, complicates the differentiation of people, social groups, political parties and relates to the problems of coordinating the limited information space, the lack of unity in the system of legitimized representations, the lack of confidence in the system of justice, and lack of experience of failure in the struggle for the basic rights.

On the basis of these problems, you can create a research paper on political corruption.

The experience of other countries of the world, the results of the international research and the ideas stated in the article above.

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Equality of law and democratic state

The test for the qualification and democratic rights is aimed at the evaluation of the legal and political means of regulating the activities of officials and the lack of their authority.

The law provides for the protection of officials against abuse of their official position. For example, the United States has adopted a law prohibiting persons under the age of 14 years to work as an assistant to the superintendent at the school. This measure is aimed at protecting the rights of minors, because they are more vulnerable than other officials.

The provisions of the act on the rights of officials are usually incorporated into the body of the law. In particular, it covers such issues as freedom of speech, property rights, health equality, morality, civilian rights, the absence of prohibition of religion, gender discrimination and other unfair treatment at the workplaces.

The idea of equality of law and order prescribes the following principles:

  • freedom of the individual and freedom of speech;
  • the absence of any official classification based on race, religion, sex, language, sex, age or nationality;
  • the possibility of all citizens to live side by side without any interference from the state, national or local government.
  • The exact definition of equality of law in the US Constitution is quite simple, and the interpretation of the text of the Constitution is subject to certain objections.

    The founders of the Constitution knew human nature, negative psychological impact of orthodoxy and imposition of standardized tasks. They weighed the need to ensure affordable education for the poor and did not try to avoid this responsibility. In the end, society generated a new caste of bureaucrats. The result of the humanist movement was the elimination of the feudal status and ascendancy of the middle class.

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    Why do people say that the game is over?” In the era of modern American history, there is a general trend of the elimination of class differences in the United States. The increase in the breadth and sophistication of the middle class allowed it to effectively penetrate the upper class. The process of social mobility has increased. The share of the middle class has increased.

    There are important facts to report on income inequality essay topics. In the US, the upper and middle classes constitute a single class. There are substantial differences between the positions of the middle class and other classes, but the fundamental equality of players remains.

    The characteristics of the middle class are sufficiently high above the dynamics of economic inequality. In real terms, the middle class is one of the most economically and socially developed social groups.

    The concentration of economic inequality in the United States is lower than in England and France. The shares of the middle class in the national income distribution are lower than in England. The share of the middle class in the income of the bottom class of the same rank is lower.

    The influence of social inequality on the distribution of income is less significant in the United States. As a rule, the middle class has a relatively small income, so its economic influence is much weaker than the influence of wealth concentration. In the American cities, the lower and middle classes perform a little lower than the wealthy classes of England.

    The middle class is very different from the top of the social ladder. Its position is somewhat lower, it is not high above the middle class. The middle class invests funds in the basis of income equality, ensuring a decent life for all.

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    The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.