How to write a political corruption essay?

How to write a political corruption essay?

This is the topic that is often discussed in the modern world. Moreover, it’s widely discussed in the academic circles and has even got to the national level. The reasons for this are politics and the economy which affected the life of the countries in which different political parties worked. The first government document on corruption was created in 1680 and is still in use in practice.

The history of the problem of corruption in the United States is actually over a long period of time. The US Department of Justice has been fighting against corruption for a long time. The first law on this topic was introduced in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. The main leader in this fight was Judge A. Goldberg, and he had to deal with the Schenk v. United States. The case involved a huge number of victims, and the public did not know about the risks of judicial appointments. The system was destroyed. The environment was polluted. The court system was spoiled. The innocent defendant was punished for crimes he didn’t even think about.

Goldberg’s experience was enough to make the Congress build a new legislative system in the United States. The problem of bribery was so huge that it nearly destroyed the democracy in the country. The experience of prosecuting this problem for the life of a private person was enshrined in the system. The complex system of law enabled the government to perfectly follow the moral norms. The judicial system operated in practice, and the natural rights of citizens were respected.

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Protection of civil rights

The Constitution of the United States guarantees absolute freedom of speech, press and other mass media, including freedom of the press, assembly, inhibition of their freedom, and interference in their activities. There are specific legal norms of behavior which are embodied in the First Amendment.

In general, as stated in the American literature, the concept of “civil liberties” encompasses the rights inherent to each individual, including freedom of speech, press and other mass media. As a rule, the application of this document is not limited to any rights inherent to a person.

Here are the main legal documents on which the problem of corruption is based:

  • The First Amendment, which protects the idea of freedom of the press and other similar constitutional actions.
  • The Fourth Amendment, which prohibits government intervention in the activities of the press and the publication of information that may be harmful to the public.
  • In the event of the destruction of any religious sanctuary, the US government can’t take any actions concerning religion practice. Even if the church is actively engaged in protecting the Bible, the ban on same-sex marriages does not apply for cases involving religious texts.
  • According to the law of the United States, there is no authorization of state church activities unless the religion is evangelical.
  • No official religion is defined. Baptists are the most numerous religious group with the largest number of followers. Christianity is the second most popular religion. After Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, it is the third most popular.
  • Science is collaborative. It is located at the intersection of the sphere of science and society where it is combined. The subject of science is produced by society and is appropriate to society. Science and society are interrelated. But their interaction regulates the world. So, the transition from science to society takes place.
  • Social work with women
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    If you need to write a social work with women essay, it should be mentioned that the phenomenon of gender inequality has been on the increase in recent decades. In society, the images of young men are totally dominating. The images of women are much thinner, and sometimes even devoid of features, resembling a man. This phenomenon originated. The reasons for this are a result of the process of maturing of the society, the evolution of moral norms, which allow each to decide how and with whom to live.

    The problem of gender inequality is especially acute for the young men. The need for a reliable and responsive support system is at one level. The culture of some cultures is so different from the surrounding culture that the reproduction of the population is either not allowed or is encouraged (although this concept is often supported by society).

    The society’s desire for good government always can cause both positive and negative reactions. The transformation of the traditional family into a couple union is the result of a complex set of factors.