How to write a political corruption essay

How to write a political corruption essay

In the modern world, there are many ways to cause corruption. Defining some of them, we will start with the article on the impact of corruption on society.

In most cases, bribery exists in more developed countries like the United States, England or Germany. This phenomenon has been known from the very beginning of political existence. The modern level of bribery is only a concept now. Even in the early 20th century, before the large-scale migration of black people into the business, the means of obtaining profit was just a few decent opportunities which might be used for bribery.

Often, the cause of bribery is the ideology of a narrow elite section of the population. Political patronage gives rise to the fact that these sections of the population think about themselves and their future. As a result, the upward vertical dispersion of such ideas, the decrease in the number of those thinking about themselves, their professional outlook and even future, the increase in the instability of the society, the victory of one over the other, the decay of the democratic image, etc.

So, in addition to the effect of political factors, there are many others. They are engendered by the process of population development which, in turn, serves as a way to counteract some of them. For example, the elite of the southern states and the representatives of the lower strata do not hesitate to use their own right to rule over the country. Similarly, the nobility do not forget about their heritage, which is one of the most important things in their qualitative and quantitative parameters.

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Control over the society by the elite of the ruling elite, which weakens the mechanisms of control over corruption. The use of force is one of the ways to prevent it.

However, in practice, it is often used in the role of a weapon of social control. In order to effectively combat corruption, one must have a clear idea of the benefits of patronage to the political elite.

A state can be honest with the people about the benefits that it provides to them. But the state is honest only if it is actually honest. Otherwise, the word is just a guarantee of the failure of at least most of the people.

Honest government is based on rule of law which allows to guarantee its citizens’ rights based on the belief in their own personality and the rule of justice. Above all, no one has the right to abuse this kind of force, and the state is obligated to protect its citizens, due to its sovereignty and dignity.

The privileges, freedoms and rights of citizens (freedom of speech, press, citizenship, etc.) are as follows: in order to be honest with the government, must obey the laws of public order.

No one is obliged to fear anything, especially freedom of speech which leads to the elimination of corruption and increases public awareness of the public. In addition, free media, knowledge, ideas, and expression of opinion serve as ways out of the repression of corruption. In addition, separate individuals are able to reach public recognition, become respectable, and change their positions in society.

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In Europe, it is difficult to imagine how much social work and economic activity is done by the ruling elite. However, in America, the process of enrichment reaches a different level – a new type of economic activity which is aimed at creating specialized and high-level social connectedness. The British people were able to achieve this goal with the help of economic liberalism, which they used to implement in practice.

The British experience of economic liberalism in the post-revolutionary period was characterized by the transformation of the American political situation and the acquisition of the leading position in the national economy. The society was deeply affected by the changes in the content of economic activity, in the degree and causes of economic inequality, and the role of the citizen in the state account increased.

The program of the new American capitalism is quite common. The process of modernization of the economy and the operation of the state machine had not yet been completed, and the gap between the layers of the society was considerable. But the transformations that have occurred in it are magnificent. The economy has become capable of creating new communities, a kind of postulates of social and economic activity, which differs from the ideology of the ruling elite. The whole process has become a kind of parody of the state, the whole society is confused by the opposing goals and actions of successive generations.

Analysis of modern history for money and corruption essay

The period of modern American history which began after the Anglo-American War was ambiguous in terms of trends of economic inequality, and the main potential of the economy of the future was already being developed. The labor market is required to remain at a low level. The poorest strata has the opportunity to absorb the maximum possible benefits from the wave of new contracting servants, to use the free services of the state social sphere, and to substantially worsen the material situation, i.e. to serve its clients.