How to write a political corruption essay

How to write a political corruption essay

Before you start working on your essay, it will be useful to find out what students are looking for in the essay. The topic of the paper will be political corruption in its essence. It is not simply the absence of political goals to achieve by government. These are also specific definitions of the concept “corruption” which is one of the main concepts in the modern curriculum of public consciousness.

Explain in your corruption essay that, in the venal reckoning, bribery exists in many states in the world. It is a defined phenomenon which is usually perceived as one of the forms of achieving economic and political goals, despite the lack of formal regulation of corrupt activities.

Official definitions of bribery

In the framework of the term “corruption”, the following concepts are of interest to mankind:

  • Intelligence (intelligence) is defined as the sum total influence on the national economy and social life.
  • Wages and property, the benefits of which are determined by the action of corrupt officials.
  • Social status is determined by the amount of income and benefits which are realized in the process of economic and social evolution.
  • In Europe, the concepts of corruption were new concepts which were introduced in the XVII century by English and French philosophers: the state, in implementing its programs, directly differs from the person who originates the idea. But the essence of corruption was not realized at all, because the society built on the foundation of universal, institutional and religious values.
  • Discrimination is the most important aspect of the analysis of corruption.
  • In Europe, the concept of the state, from the highest power to the lowest, is widely used.
  • In America, the principle of meritocracy is practically applied. The choice of the leader is as important as the ideas which he expressed. Therefore, to support the idea, its crystallization is carried out.
  • The concept of civil society is generally applied in practice to mean the interaction of officials, businessmen and other persons. It is very important to follow the social norms of organization when organizing a personal activity.
  • In America, there are no social classes or social groups, but social mobility is regulated by the requirement of the existence of benefits available to all members of the public.
  • The main goal of the American Dream is to make the world better, and enrich the moral life of the individual.
  • The American Dream strives for the elimination of inequality, exploitation, selfishness, the ability to achieve respect for oneself, the possibility of material success, material well-being and a position in the social hierarchy, the aim of providing decent social conditions for the masses.
  • The American Dream gives an example of the ideal state where all people are equal before the law, live side by side without any social distinctions.
  • The campaign of the American Dream against crime in the United States is quite different from the attitudes and behaviour of the perpetrators. It is well-known that the “silent” sublimation of black voters is the rule of law and order.
  • In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. The ideals of freedom and justice were used to attain personal success. The struggle for wealth and social emancipation was symbolically described in the slogan of the American Dream.
  • In the United States, a whole history of the race to wealth is depicted in the country’s history. The colonial period is remembered, as the first stage of the development of the American Dream. The British Empire established a new order in the North Atlantic, and British trade in North America became so strong that all the maritime activities of the British Overseas Corporation was accepted in the East Indies.
  • The British Empire distinguished by the removal of the need for external protection. In the colonial period, the British people were able to safeguard their liberty, and British trade in the South China Sea was so successful that all the inhabitants of the North American colonies became slaves.
  • The British Empire distinguished by the merger and integration of the electoral system into the political apparatus. The main advantages of this method of statehood, which should be mentioned in “The American Dream and economic inequality” essay, were expressed in the evolution of the American political culture. The increasing equality of the results achieved by the American people in the sphere.
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    The idea of equality of opportunities, which democratized the United States, drew a line under the entire American history,, was supported by some of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The equality of opportunities became the foundation for a new American way of life, the American Dream. The process of economic development was highly processed, and the changes were noticeable. In the economy, the middle class represented a heterogeneous mass of individuals.

  • The main social groups represented by the middle class in the United States of America have significantly grown.