How to write a political corruption essay

How to write a political corruption essay

Before you start working on your essay, it will be useful to find out what the typical presentation of this type of action looks like. To start with the history of bribery essay, it would be appropriate to review the definition of the concept ‘political corruption’. The word itself is Russian, which means the desire for the legislators to advance their political agenda. In actuality, this goal is not realized by many people.

The term ‘government’ comes from the Latin “vad” – governor, “sectio” – searching for food, timber, stone, edible fruit, etc. Remember the history of bribery in Italy. Many politicians, especially the ones from the middle of their career, started thinking about how to get into the position of a state minister. So, they began a campaign for poor performance of public duties, expectation of death or severe punishment. For example, this was the reason for the Italian professor Maurbituto Berlusconi to start a notorious operation called ‘Operation Clean Hands’.

Even before Berlusconi became prime minister of Italy, he was an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party. 2 years later, in the country’s parliament, he was rewarded with a high title in the list of achievements of the prime minister – from governor to prime minister.

The Golden Rule: there is no need to exceed one line of responsibility. Any excess information or superfluous arguments will be presented as the result of a lack of choice, and the speaker is only obliged to adhere to the standard rules.

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Controversial experts argue that the notion of loyalty is being transferred from the individual to the public consciousness. As a rule, it means the subordination of private interests to the interests of the ruling elite. Individuals are free to the world and to consider themselves free, but this is not enough. The thing is that there should be an attempt of replacing the ordinary social values with the interests of the ruling elite.

But, in any case, the motivations of such movements are always somewhat different. The contemporary research on corruption shows that, in most states of the world, the functions of the patronage are the creation of a system of rules that allow the ruling elite to intervene in the state distribution of benefits.

The main function of the patronage is the empowerment of the person by giving him the opportunity to hold the position of the state authority. Skillful, purposeful, and able leaders, as well as effective officials are able to work effectively when their opponents fight. Thus, it is not difficult for a moderate to become a credible manager. Similarly, the dominant social position is the role of connections between the elite and the masses, which allows the ruling elite to manipulate the will of the middle class.

The second function is the regulation of social relations. As a rule, it is the function of the struggle for social inclusion which may be described as the most important positive factor in the analysis of modern social processes essay. At the initial stage, an individual is involved in social life, and this is his connection to other social structures. Through the struggle, various mechanisms of influence, in particular, the support of basic social values, are formed.

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The third function is the formation of free competition the ideal model of which is based on the natural desire of the group for obtaining the minimum amount of money. In other words, the elite and the masses seek to annihilate each other at the same level of wealth.

Like any other process in the development of capitalism, the liberation of the person from other members of society is artificially stimulated. In the process of adaptation, the class structures are modified and improved. The first version of the American Constitution (1787) described such activity with the elimination of feudal privileges, an aristocratic alliance and a democracy in the same society.

But the thing did not turn out to be quite the same. The first attempts of the “dark” era were more successful than the successes of the 20th century. The first Social Darwinism is a sufficient example. In his work, he outlined the idea of the inevitable extinction of religious restrictions, and this is what you should mention in the essay on income inequality.

Religious freedom of the individual was extremely defended in those times. Not only were the subjects of the upper class in the richest strata of society but also the servants of the lower class. Highly qualified specialists were able to maintain the high quality of services at a low price. The work of doctors was especially important. In those days, the patient did not suffer from the wounds of the hand and from the diseases of the old age.

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Quite the opposite tendency exists today. The struggle of the middle class for the abolition of the ban on donation is stirred by the activity of radical organizations of the right to end abortion. The leaders of this movement try to impose a ban on termination of pregnancy, as well as on the adoption of children by same-sex couples.