How to write a political corruption essay

How to write a political corruption essay

Before you start working on the essay, you will need to research the political corruption essay topics. As you might already know it, in the next few sections we will talk how to write a persuasive essay on how to stop corruption and how to propose the solutions to it. However, before delving into the topic, it is important to first think of the effects that the problem of bribery might have on various governments. Then you can research and propose the most effective solutions to tackle this problem. While this is exactly the reason why many teachers and professors ask their students to write such essays, some others might have already heard that the corruption essay is not a one-night project. Nevertheless, even a short anonymous essay on corruption might give you some insights into the subject. For example, this could be a reasons for electing to govern. If you want to touch upon some of the most popular topics without diving much into the details, perhaps this could be an assignment to write a research paper on corruption in Italy. Or another interesting example, this could be a corruption essay. As you will see it when our writer helps you with this assignment, writing an essay on this topic can be quite easy. The main thing to note is that this issue affects not only ordinary citizens, but also influential politicians. So, this is one of the most important to touch upon in your assignment.

So, without thinking too much, we are going to start with the most popular topic of all three corruption types. And there are the reasons to do so:

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The decline in the public trust of the authorities. You can see this trend every year when writing a paper on government corruption for students. When a person gives someone money they hope that the other will be able to provide a quality government services. Thus, this is a mechanism that works both for the private and for the public.

The rise of the independent and strong local governments. In such countries such as USA or United Kingdom around the world, the rule of law is more rigid and strict. The local people themselves are responsible for the good government that exists in their region. This is why, in such a way, the society is able to combat corruption.

However, no one thinks about the exact way to combat this problem. It is actually quite possible to fight corruption using the political and economic institutions, their employees strictly adhere to the legal norms, and provide the public with the proper and affordable services. However, if they fail in their own systems, the people blame them for the Corruption and do not forget about their duty to strive for the elimination of injustice.

The economy and the government as a monopolist. It is necessary to maintain the growth of the middle class in order to combat the artificial famine, which may be considered as a criminal act. In such countries, it is also possible to talk about the needs of the poor people.

However, there are even more reasons for inequality.

They are interrelated, but many parts of one are not connected.

What are the causes of inequality? In simple terms, economic inequality is the relationship between the average incomes of different groups, the position of the middle class in the distribution of incomes, and the level of social stratification. It’s worth mentioning in the essay on income inequality and happiness that, in the broad sense, this concept is connected with the concept of the equal distribution of market opportunities, which should be widely used in the fight against poverty.

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In the market economy, the results of a number of factors can be clearly shown. The income of the middle class can be determined only on the total amount of goods and services sold, which in turn can be used to define the welfare needs of other groups. Market opportunities can be used to determine the needs of the majority of the population.

The following factors are of great importance: population growth, healthy diet, low activity and level of life, level of aspirations and dreams for the future, and so on. The combination of these factors is called the “Cultural Factor”. The cultural factor is connected with the achievements of modern society in the field of human rights. It may be found in any area of life, especially in science and journalism. This phenomenon exists even in the history of society, since the very invention of writing.

Another important cultural factor to describe in social inequality essay is religion which directly links the past and present:

  • Islam strongly condemned the unauthorized voluntary death. Even now this phenomenon is practically not met in countries professing the Muslim religion.
  • Judaism also emphasized the value of living for God, and therefore, for the sake of preserving life, the faithful Jews were allowed to transgress all religious laws except the rejection of God, murder and incest.