How to write a political manifesto?

How to write a political manifesto?

The process of political reforms is a series of interrelated and sometimes opposite steps. The creation of a progressive system of State legislation is carried out mainly by the social movement groups, which must be analyzed in essays on electoral and political literacy.

The constitution of different countries of the world gives rise to very different kinds of political possibilities, and the solutions to them are often different. Therefore, it may be written in essay on political freedom and development that the strategy of future work should be aimed at changing the existing situation, in initiating a new positive process of change in the organization of power, and thus influencing the potential of the further movement for social and political change, or the introduction of a new political system.

The objective of the first phase is the implementation of the concept of political reforms, its formulation and evaluation. The activity of participants in the political process is aimed at achieving the elimination of the existing problems, for example, the restoration of the function of the institution of the monarchy, improvement of the material base, and the conflict between the fundamental reformist ideas of Marxism and the evolutionist movement in the image of which Marx was born.

The main task of the first phase is to create a sufficiently consolidated anti-corruption system, which will allow to carry out the necessary measures to combat corruption and over time. In the second phase, centers of attention are the creation of an extensive system of measures to prevent corruption, and the implementation of the following tasks: to identify and eliminate the causes, to find out what drives people to corruption, and to develop strategies to combat this phenomenon.

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It is worth noting in essay on environmental and social goals that the goal of the first phase is the establishment of free competition the ideal model of which is based on the natural monopoly of demand. In other words, the first stage is the transitional stage of the development of capitalism, the stage of the operation of the entrepreneurs and the creation of a huge, hugely successful organization for the development of the new culture.

The goal of the first stage is the creation of a sufficiently flexible, dynamic and effective bureaucracy that will allow to adapt to any conditions of life, any conditions of a competitive external environment. In connection with this, first of all, the role of the bureaucratic apparatus is to provide the basic institution necessary for the transition to the new level of competition.

The second stage is the formation of a universal, relatively well-organized system of control over corruption. In this case, the function of the guardianship is to maintain public order within the country, and for this purpose, primarily, the function of the governorship and regulation of affairs in the sphere of which the function of the elder is formed.

The third stage is the liberation of the bureaucratic apparatus from external influence, the introduction of a very high-level public life, the process of social mobility. The process of strong social mobility is observed. In the period of the second stage, the gap between the elite and the ordinary population increases. The process of gradual economic mobility is observed. From the point of view of the entrepreneur, it allows him to move from the middle class to the upper class, from the position of a company director to the position of a general.

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From the point of view of the entrepreneur, the second stage is the process of transformation of the American economy, its ideas and values. The second stage is the establishment of a new consciousness, the formation of a new aesthetic sense of the world, the transition of the industry of information and modern public consciousness.

Both stages are associated with the struggle for the embodiment of the American Dream, which is sometimes represented as a situation in the United States.

United States of America as a free market economy. The economy of state and political parties is aimed not at increasing the wealth of the middle class but at changing the attitude of the society to issues of social responsibility, the organization of mutual assistance and, as a result, the evolution of the individual and group social identity.

The, income inequality, excessive concentration of economic resources and economic growth resulted in the struggle of the middle class. The economic liberalism of the late XIX century was accompanied by a general change in the attitude of the society towards the state, power of the bourgeoisie to the middle class.

The logic of the reduction of economic inequality, which is expressed in the following terms: the labor receipts exceeded the income of the middle class by 30%. The distribution of incomes was less effective, more unequal than the distribution of wealth.

The trend of their growth was due to several fundamental factors, which you may describe in essay on economic inequality: the population, becoming more independent, acquiring the status, becoming free from the occurrence of additional social inequalities, etc. However, the mechanism of the economic inequality in the US was even stronger. The elite of the middle class received a huge increase in income and became extremely wealthy.