How to write a positive masculinity essay?

How to write a positive masculinity essay?

Since our society is not yet familiar with the concept of masculinity, it is important to understand the psychological aspects of this phenomenon. The word “kindness” combines such categories as compassion, empathy, and understanding of the nature of someone. Compassion, empathy, and understanding of the nature of someone else’s mind can be considered as an educational method of communication.

The J. Madison definition of friendship also sounds appealing to the feelings of lovers, as he describes it from the vantage point of view of the rational person.

The primary function of friendship is the maintenance of the social order through the natural harmony of persons, their mutual service and support. Through the moral teachings of friendship, the individual is enabled to share his convictions, to share his thoughts and ideas with other people. Friendship is the primary social form of communication in which the individual, with his openness and simplicity, always has been connected his life with others, can be alone or with others.

The secondary function of friendship is the evaluation of the individual by the social judgmental system. As a rule, it is stimulated by certain feelings that the person experience is associated with other people. Thus, the primary function of friendship is the evaluation of the person by the community.

Generic but not absolute

Sometimes we have all the necessary information, but, nevertheless, can’t express our thoughts in words that have a semantic meaning. In this case, we have to resort to a universal and relatively narrow form of talk.

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Impact of friendship on society essay

We may note in passing-by friendship essay that the phenomenon of friendship is commonly recognized in all epochs. The word “friend” is commonly understood as the personal close communication with a person of the opposite sex. However, the meaning of this concept is much broader. Besides, friends are called “counsels”, “legors” and “friends”, in particular, with each other.

You may explain the history of friendship, which began with an understanding of the need for self-disclosure and ardor, a desire for constant recognition and self-proclamation in the eyes of an individual. The constant need for recognition was finally attained only in the human heart, and this feature is often used to reveal own psychology.

Geologists have always been among the pupils of philosophy. A precise concept of friendship, which, however, were defined by Plato very broadly, contains within it a concept of positive intimacy, the ability to share the most intimate contact. All this is available in the understanding of friendship, but the understanding of friends and feeling of love are fundamentally different.

The sociologist Richard Kammen was the first to determine the goal of friendship. And this concept proved to be effective, even to the breaking of personal relationships. The ability to express the feelings of a friend and to experience the inner world of a loved one, to share the life of a loved one with others, to create a kind of bridge between enemies, to overcome the pain of separation.

But, according to Plato, friendship is principally a emotional attachment. The actual contact is conducted exclusively in a system of interpersonal relationships. There is no place for such reflections in the physical knowledge of a person.

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Occasional qualities

Generally, we can divide the characteristics of the person into three categories.

  • The secondary social characteristics, i.e. the characteristics of the average or secondary partner. Usually, these are stereotypes of the appearance, marital status, moral values, psychological aspects.
  • The characteristics of the individual (social status, economic, educational, religious, etc.).
  • Though, according to the subjective opinion of the individual, there is no specific standard of moral norms in relations with other people. So, although there are normative requirements for the size of the relationship between partners, there are no legal restrictions on this principle.

    Gender equality

    Gender equality is the emancipation of humans from the domination of men by women, the elimination of gender stereotypes, and the legalization of same-sex marriages.

    Prerequisites for this process are the formation of a democratic society, the adoption of a law banning on the discrimination of people based on gender characteristics which are contrary to the ideals of humanity.

    To make your work easier, you should create a gender inequality essay outline. The following plan will help you to express thoughts correctly:

  • Introduction (formulation of the theme and thesis).
  • The main part (description of the vast number of possible ways to cover the question, the description of several approaches to it, the comparison of them, justification of one or another approach).
  • Conclusion.
  • First, you should indicate the most important points of the essay.