How to write a positive patriotism essay

How to write a positive patriotism essay

The topic of the patriotism in the United States is quite global and important. Moreover, these years have passed under the leadership of the greatest US President, Barack Obama. The topic of the American patriotism is extremely relevant for the modern youth. The parents of those who believe in honoring and respecting the past should be ready for tough times, as they have to be ready to live with a new reality.

But how to start a “What is patriotism” essay? The word is in front of us. And when our native country is going through the process of history, it is important to provide the new generation with knowledge and love. So, what is patriotism essay?

The definition of patriotism is a belief in and a tradition of honoring veterans. Traditionally, the definition of patriotism includes such notions as patriotism, patriotism, and the like. Such also means the American Dream. So, you should understand it perfectly before studying the definition of patriotism. Because, in the future, when moving on to the main part of your research, you will be required to make a transitional part between the definitions of patriotism and the ordinary definitions of patriotism.

The history of patriotism in the United States is quite unusual. Only in the US, a new expression of patriotism appeared. And it is not surprising. The fact is that during the last 50 years of the last century, the idea of patriotism has been rapidly spreading in the country. How can we understand it? The reason for that is the existence of unique American history and the experience of the first airplanes, which means a unique opportunity for the United States.

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Part of the reason for this fact is the existence of strong, robust civil society. While the economy and the nature of labor have become the strongest forces leading to the advantage of local communities, the comfort of such culture also should be ensured. In this regard, the relationship between the citizens and the government has always been and remains deeply individual. Only in this way, the Anglo-Saxons, with their culture, are able to offer the cheapest and the most important product.

This, of course, is not the only reason for patriotism in the United States. In the Jeffersonian democracy, high society connected its life with the state and carefully controlled its institutions. Women formed a role model for the new culture. They brought up children, made their own children. Later, the social, domestic and foreign policies of the successive American presidents have become the subject of many debates.

But if there is a common feature in all nations of the US, it is the interest of the population, its desire for good government, and the idea of common future with the international community. This idea justifies any activity on the part of the population, both in politics and in art.

So, it is quite natural that, in each country, the number of celebrations is measured by the number of supporters of free- and high-level democracy. But even these figures may be sometimes misleading, since in some states, celebrations are defined by the opposite side of the political spectrum.

For example, in the state of Massachusetts, which enters the state government on 3 April, the mass celebration of Independence Day is preceded by more than a dozen protests against the new laws on the same day. Instead of celebrating the birthday of the American president, the delegation of President Obama is due to take part in protest activities.

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The first protest against the law in the United States was launched in 2007. At that time, a group of activists decided to check whether the norms on using child labour were observed in the US and started dancing in the Jefferson Memorial – a monument of freedom and democracy. According to the witnesses, at first, the cops kicked a woman in the face. Then one of the attackers with a disability fell from the platform and approached the photographer, spread his own fanatical flames. The generator noise maker was set on fire. The police responded by force against the man, who left the scene after hearing the siren.

Shooting in the park occurred within a day after the massacre of seven people by an unknown shooter in Cleveland. A pregnant woman and a girl were among victims. A 10-year-old girl also was hurt.

Lawyers stated that the teenager was killed due to own recklessness. In their opinion, he did not take proper care to avoid injuries. In addition, they believed that the Cleveland police did not violate the rights of the murdered girl. As a result, the policeman who shot him with a pneumatic gun escaped accusations. Court also demanded $500 from the family of the child for calling an ambulance and transporting the victim to the hospital.

Murders by policemen in Utah

Interesting fact for police use of force essay: in Utah, the law of making a citizen guilty of crimes is based on the principle of self-defiance. This means that the prosecution can be based not on the testimony of a witness but on the subjective opinion of the jury.