How to write a positive patriotism essay?

How to write a positive patriotism essay?

On August 1, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, policeman Darren Wilson shot dead an unarmed 18-year-old black boy Michael Brown. Some witnesses claim that there was a dispute between the officer and the young man as a result of which Wilson started shooting at Brown and did not stop though he raised his hands. The police and other witnesses claim that Brown attacked Wilson.

The murder caused widespread riots in Ferguson which lasted a long time – there are a significant number of African Americans in the city. On at least a few days of unrest, at least 100 people were detained, at least 12 buildings were burned. At least 100 people were injured.

On at least two occasions, protesters have attacked the police during protests. The US Justice Department opened a criminal case against Wilson on Monday, March 4, 2015. And this evening, a statement of the American Embassy in the city was read. It stated that the officers used excessive force against peaceful demonstrators at the protest.

The US Police Academy Report

The American Police Academy Report is one of the most useful and reliable resources on police topics. The organization is headquartered in the United States, but locally it also functions in Canada, Australia, the UK and remotely around the world.

In predominantly English-language laws, the work of the American police in the field of law on issues of human rights has always been regarded as one of the most important. This work is built on the active participation of the society in the exercise of human rights in the state of affairs in the country and abroad.

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The main laws referring to the application of the law in the workplace are promulgated in the United States. There are many victims of insult and harassment by law enforcement officials. In 2014, the US police shot dead 385 prisoners. More than half of them were never charged.

Due to the new forms of protection granted by law, the police began to work independently and to gain popularity. The change in the attitude of the society to police officers has also manifested itself in the increase in the number of privately trained policemen, which is another consequence of the hard work of the American authorities to build public confidence in state institutions.

The specialty of the American police is extremely broad, and law enforcement agencies (even in the United States) perceive their work as a single instrument in the hands of the society. In 2015, the officers used 4,500 personnel (more than doubling the number of personnel from the end of 2013).

American police have established a completely new system of compensation for citizens, beginning with modest articles from newspapers or other sources. This process is associated with the transformational changes taking place in the society. The attitude of politicians to the problem of human rights has either changed or just begins to undergo transformations.

There are important cases and cases regarding police brutality which should be described in “Why the police should be allowed to stop police brutality?” essay. The following examples should be mentioned in “Human rights and duties of the police to the citizens.

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United States, as one of the most developed countries, provide the highest level of standards for legislation and practice of its application. The US Constitution establishes a completely new system of accountability for the activities of the American government. Previously, Congress created a special court that used the natural resources and had no idea about the constitutional rights of the people.

The first law on the protection of human rights which may be described as the original and most important one, however, many studies show that the problem of human rights is primarily the social and legal legacy of the American people.

The police are established and operated under the laws and proper executive powers. Due to this, the public confidence in the state institutions is severely damaged. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the police are given wide powers (including the initiation of a criminal case and an application for the alienation of the person from the state if he is accused of a crime).

The number of people suffering from the police is increasing. For example, in 2013, there were more than 130,000 veterans, and the US police are only several times more likely to face discrimination than brown-haired immigrants.

Overcrowding, which is particularly characteristic of large cities, often completely takes a big part of the US population. This problem is often consciously created by the population, which, in reality, is not only a set of people, but also a whole population, and its resources are constantly replenished.

Typically, a city has a certain “shelter” that spreads the virus in the society. So, the police cannot exactly control its citizens. They are often surrounded by a militarized police.

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Excessive use of force is related to the habit of daily abuse of force by the police. The use of force by the public order of actions is manifested in the fact that it sharply increases in the performance of law enforcement agencies (law enforcement officers, metropolitan police officers, etc.