how to write a profile essay?

how to write a profile essay?
need examples on writing a profile essay of a city, and how different it is to writing a narratives essay


Profile Essay
Paige Plantier
Profile Essay
Brother Gagon
Eng 101
10 June 2010
It’s Meatloaf Night!
“Pick up the pace guys, its meatloaf night!” Exclaimed Pleasant Grove High School track coach Bill Saunders. You could see the pain and agony that the athletes were experiencing as they made their final laps around the track in attempt to finish off that day’s workout. The mid afternoon sun was beating down on the young adults and you could see tears of sweat running from their faces. Bill Saunders has been the track coach at Pleasant Grove for four consecutive seasons now and says, “There is no greater feeling of success than seeing the smiling faces of those athletes who achieve their season goals!”
As the old saying goes, “Those who can’t, teach.” Those are the precise words that got Bill Saunders to where he is today. As a child he spent his entire life growing up in the same brown colored house in Alpine, Utah. While in high school Bill decided to join the track team…

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