How to write a quote essay?

How to write a quote essay?
I don’t mean how to incorporate a quote into an essay, I mean how do I do an essay about a quote? I need to write an essay about my Summer Reading book, and I have to pick one quote from the book and write 3-5 paragraphs about it. Can some please give me an outline, like what the first paragraph should be about, the second, the third, and so on if I need to do all five?

A. what the quote is
1 Who said it
2 who was it said to
B Why did it appeal to you
1 How you felt when you read it
2 was it a significant statement or just a statement
3 Did it tell you any more about the character, plot or set a different mood?
C What are the results of this Quote.
1 did someone get hurt, helped, liked, hated smarter?
2 did it change anyone’s mind

Paragraph From the book “TITLE” I chose the following quote: lksdjflajeoiuqiwhfsnks. When I read the quote I realized……

Ending… In conclusion the quote was significant in the above mentioned ways and I feel that it was a significant statement.

I hope you are only in the 5th grade because you should be able to do this alone by the 6th grade.