how to write a really good essay for a really good college!?!?

how to write a really good essay for a really good college!?!?
okay so im planning on going to EW scripps at OU and the prompt for the essay is why you want to study journalism at e.w and well im having alot of trouble. this essay is cruical to my life plan … seriously… and i dont know how to make it better.

any suggestions?

The first thing you need to ask yourself why you think you’re having so much trouble. If it’s because you are suffering from the run of the mill writer’s block then take a quick run through this article to learn how to get it under control: . It may be something as simple as you are unable to focus because you are hungry.

If you do all the things that the article suggests, then the second thing you can do is carefully collect your thoughts and address the prompt again—in this case, you need to really evaluate why you have a passion for journalism in the first place. Is it because you’ve always had a longing to inform the public of vital information? Do you want to become a journalist because you want to give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves—for instance maybe you want to report on a particular minority group? With that said, it’s also a good idea to express future goals and aspirations. Do you want to start up your own magazine for example? Discuss what you want to do with your degree and why. You also need to explain to admission officers how you think studying at that particular school will help you with your goals. Did you hear it’s the best journalism program in the country? Are there any notable graduates that you aspire to emulate?

Once you do get accepted into the journalism department, here is a great article that lists the 50 best blogs for journalism students. You might even be able to argue in your essay that following these blogs proves your true dedication to journalism and the news.