How to write a really good essay?

How to write a really good essay?
Well, its a book review. But not exactly. The book is just something we’re referring to while writing the essay. I know what to write, but how to write it really well??

This is the best tip to writing strong essays. It’s hard but it makes your writing soooo much better.

Avoid using “to be” verbs. (Is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been)

If you use these verbs there’s a 95% chance you can reword the sentence into sounding better.

For example:
This book IS a good example of how preparation is important for everything you do.

That is already a decent sentence. But you can make it better by rewording to get rid of the to-be verb “is”

The theme of this novel demonstrates the importance of preparation in even the most unorthodox situations.

Notice how I used a lot of synonyms and “smarter sounding” words. Novel instead of book,

Also notice the verb demonstrates replacing “is”, and how much more powerful the sentence sounds. It’s really hard to replace every to-be verb in your essays. My English teacher doesn’t let me use to-be verbs at all, which makes my essays sound a lot better, but it does take a little getting used to. It can be hard to convert a to-be verb sentence into a more powerful, descriptive sentence, but here are some strategies to doing so…

Try using commas to get rid of to be. Won’t always work.
Put the end of the sentence as the beginning and see if it eliminates the to-be verb

Try using these verbs instead (might still have to reword sentence)

Avoid passive voice. Instead of saying “she is scared of….” Say “she fears…” Notice how you replace is with a stronger verb

Good luck!