How to write a reflective paper?

How to write a reflective paper?
my assignment: We want you to examine your OWN life and the journey(s) you have taken or plan to take, and write a 2 – 3 page essay exploring how you have been influenced and/or inspired by your family’s history.

I have never wrote a reflective essay before … can somebody guide me on what i should write in each paragraph?

Writing is not about paragraphs. It is about consistency. You should introduce (begin) the paper with a couple of sentences about you (that are interesting), and then make a statement that will carry over throughout all of the 2-3 pages (a hypothesis). Don’t be scared of the words, and don’t follow a formula. The only formula you need is a paragraph must have at least three sentences. 🙂

Pick out 5-6 things that have influenced (changed) your life, and think of a way you can present them consistently.

I want to put !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before this:

If you write a sentence, it will ask questions, even if it is a statement. For instance, “The sky is blue.” Well, is that true? Only if you answer –> What is a sky? What is blue? When is it blue? Why is it blue? etc.

So when you start your paragraphs, make sure what you write first is supported by the thing that follows. You can write a 3 page essay in one paragraph! You do not have to answer every question that COULD be asked, but you should answer every one that you have a reasonable belief someone else might question, disagree with, or not understand. Do not think of your teacher as someone who KNOWS the way to write, because they do not know two things: YOU, and your writing style.

You might say…

Many people are born to a hard life, but I was not. I overcame adversities, as does every person. These are not stopping points for a person; instead, they are journeys. Life is a journey. [[HYPOTHESIS]] –> As long as a person treats adversity as a journey for the betterment of themselves, he or she may overcome hardships.

You could just as easily speak of your life as something easy, with not hardship, and make a case for that. Just remember, even in a reflection essay, you are making a case, and must support it. But, I am going to write an example 2nd paragraph for what I wrote above:

When I was seven years old, my grandfather passed away. (Question: What did this do to you?) –> I felt like I would not be able to go on. (Why?) He was the man who taught me how to be a man. (How?) When I did not know any better, he pointed out my lack of ethics — what I was doing wrong. (What does this mean, and why is it relevant?) Today, I remember those words, even though he is not here — as if he were speaking to me face-to-face — and, therefore, I am a good person. (Why?) I know, for the most part, right from wrong. (CLOSURE) His journey out of this world did not impede my journey onward, as I thought it would. Rather, his journey out fuels my journey onward. The idea that his death would make me not be able to proceed changed into the reason why I am able to proceed.

You make a compelling case, and then go on to another one. Good luck!