How to write a research paper on child abuse

How to write a research paper on child abuse

This type of project is built on the practice of warning. On own initiative, any person can inform the social service called upon to protect children or the police about an incident or suspected violence against a child in the family. Such messages should be considered not a noble intention but an elementary necessity. As for doctors, teachers, coaches, educators, it is a direct duty for them.

The message can be sent by phone, mail, submitted directly to the relevant institution within 24 hours after the incident. The law provides the immunity of informer, the preservation of anonymity and confidentiality as well as punishment for those who violate these rules.

Social workers investigate the case. Within 48 hours, they come in contact with the family along with the police (special services work around the clock and without days off). At home, a social worker discusses the information received with the parents, communicates with the child, and carefully observes their behavior by assessing the real conditions of the family’s life, contacts with specialists, teachers, neighbors, friends, and so on.

The investigation involves an immediate medical and psychological examination of the child in a social or medical setting (in particular, hospital and medical health care) as well as medical care (except for cases with severe complications). Consent or permission of the parents is not required. A social worker has the right to apply to the court if his investigation is resisted. Even if the accusations are not confirmed, he visits the child periodically.

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Usually, interventions with the purpose of social work take place in situations of severe stress caused by violence and ill-treatment. They include the provision of specific services, psychological support, social therapy, and psychotherapy.

Completing the case suggests that the social service solves family problems after the expiration of certain time (from 3 months to 1 year). During this time, its employees must make every effort to ensure that the situation has radically improved. When it is proved that no progress is observed and there is a real threat to the life of the child, measures are taken to isolate him.

Sometimes, by a court decision, the guilty parent is forced to leave the house where he lives and where the child should return after rehabilitation. Although it is possible to make tough decisions on adult relatives, such measures are not considered as the only acceptable and rational ones. The family code of many countries also establishes the duty to protect child’s rights and legitimate interests for officials and other citizens who become aware of the threat to his life and health.

Valuable information should be reported to the guardianship authorities who are obliged to protect the rights of the child. They can separate the kid from his parents (or one of them). However, the procedure is excessively bureaucratized and stretched in time. In addition, often the guardianship agencies begin to work only with cases that take extreme, do not do any good in the family’s interests and do not influence the possibilities of their prevention and elimination in any way.

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It should be mentioned in victims of domestic violence essay that the authorities of progressive states have ratified a number of international legal norms which allow to disclose the information about victims of family abuse in the family, the nature of the causes and consequences of their activities and the ways to prevent it. The information is classified and can be described in table below.

Table of the international legal norms on the family abuse

The level of the modern international standard of family abuse in the family is lower than in the normative (or statutory) norms of the Application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1960. The variant law on the child labour was established in 1966. Since 1984, it has been steadily practiced in the field of family relations.

Mention in how to stop family abuse essay that more than 70% of adolescents with deviant behavior have experience of physical violence (this estimate is very close to the 50% of cases observed in the USA). But there is a gender difference in the nature of the phenomena. Girls are more likely to face violence from their parents than boys. Girls are beaten at a younger age, usually before the adolescent period, boys – already being the teenagers.

A culture of physical abuse in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychology of violence becomes part of the personality of a child who has been ill-treated. The social conditioning of violence is formed: the behavior of the victim is determined by the environment.