How to write a research paper on child abuse

How to write a research paper on child abuse

It is imperative to understand the characteristics and actions of a domestic violence: their attitude towards the victim, influence on the ability to control the victim, hate for him, etc.

To write a research paper on child abuse, it is also important to understand the differences and similarities between domestic violence and child abuse. The characteristics and behavior of the object can be different. It often happens that parents have an idea of a “loving parent” and bat on their children. But such behavior can be mistaken for “hate”, which, in fact, is directed only at the child. The person can’t be indifferent to the idea of revenge. He is inclined to justify the behavior of the offender.

The culture of parental violence in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychology of violence becomes part of the personality of the adolescent who has been subject to it. The formation of the teenager personality in the family can be influenced by the behavior of the child, the opinions of his parents, teachers, society as a whole, the influence of the household budget on the child’s development.

The school is a place of family action in the life of every child. The attitude towards the child is no less important than the attitude towards own self-determination. In old times, the absolute parental power and authoritarian system of upbringing were preserved. In modern society, the function of the family is to provide and maintain a family as a stable, moral and happy institution.

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The image of the parent in the family is extremely hierarchical in its principle of social functionarity. The first attach the role of the employer to the family as a protectorate and provider of social values. Such a model of behavior allows the society to talk about the changes that occur in the sphere of family relations.

The second part of the family is the instruments for establishing contact with the family as a social institution, an educational institution, a family institution, a place in the social hierarchy, as well as a model for the new generation. So, in modern families, there are institutions that help to establish private life, the upbringing of children and the management of a common economy were in the first place.

In the context of a relatively small number of child births, the family constituted a social institution. Single-parent families, that are the most common in the modern society, nevertheless, represent a relatively small number of families. Family cooperation can be considered as the most important condition for the formation of a citizen, especially for the formation of a family as a society.

There are studies of family insecurity among modern families. The need for material assistance is especially strong among women. They make two opposite tendencies in comparison with the traditional family. Women believe that modern families are better built from the beginning, have more opportunities to be created and more difficult to maintain than traditional ones.

In a family, the number of children is fewer than in the average family. Girls have an easier time except for the common factor of child labour (women will always be short). Boys, as a rule, are not yet sufficiently developed in social and economic conditions. You may describe this problem in an essay on effects of child labour.

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There is a stereotype that the marriage is a “marriage of good friends” consisting of two people. However, the opposite situation often turns out to be true: friendship is a strong motivating force. Family conflicts are inserted in the structure of the personality of the adolescent. The quest for friendship is what pushes young people to commitment and complete abandonment of personal interests.

Such ideas for a family essay are applicable for both teenage and adult relationships. However, the teenagers’ attitude toward the future marriage is quite different. This type of relationship is called “estranged affection”. The perceived need for close communication with a friend or constant communication is strengthened by a set of social roles. The teenager waits for estimations which are not only close to own self-esteem but also exceed it. In real life, everything is different. Even the most positive impression is not counted by the teenager himself but by the value of the object of his deep feelings.

The value of the teenager is determined by his individuality and social status. Adolescence is not only different from adult norms of behavior but also differs from them in the high school. The values of teenagers are fundamentally different from the norms of adult society. This should be understood in advance.

The sociological and psychological aspects of child labour are closely related to the problems of age dynamics, especially to the development of the child’s abilities. The cause of child labour is the process of the transition from the high school to college age. In other words, the child is a kind of alternative to the minimum wage.

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The growth of the group of vulnerable adults is caused by a change in the size of family income, difficulty of access to the accommodation in the best public schools, problems with housing and many other distortions of the environment.