How to write a research paper on child abuse

How to write a research paper on child abuse

There is a stereotype that children, being the vulnerable and inappropriate caregivers, are incapable of being emotionally attached to their abusers. Yet, in the reality, there is nothing wrong with raising the child as a guardian of the family. Just think about it. If the child is afraid to stay alone with the offender, it is not difficult for a mother to find a way out of the situation. After all, her child has been physically abused. Is it okay if a child shares the space with a man who routinely humiliates others? Doubtful looks of a kid constantly occur. Is it okay if a girl sits on the bath mat for hours with her clothes torn.

Surreal example for the abuse essay: The classic “Honky Tonk” is a good example. The object of the story is a fast-food restaurant opposite to the food-restaurant area. The dull-down entertainment is reserved for the minors. In the end, the main character “The Cheese Monster” loses his mind for the sake of passion, spoons his own dust.

Such examples of the objectivity of the plot are suitable to the “What is a family?” essay. The present family belongs to the stage of adaptation and socialization. Its values are determined, and the “wish and the sweet” sentiments of the early youth are expressed in the relationship between parents and children.

The affinity of the concept of the family is due to the evolution of the patriarchal family as a mother of two children. The social roles necessary for the adaptation of the child to surrounding reality are formed. In the modern model of the family, there are higher duties (e.g. husband and wife can have own role in the family). The function of the marriage is to provide a variety of opportunities for children, including access to the social work, entertainment, sports, various types of leisure, and much more.

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The uniqueness of the invention of the family as a social institution is the set of transformations that occur in it. The change in the value system is manifested, in particular, in the transformation of the attitude of husbands and wives toward each other, their attitude for the child, the way in which the kid operates, social roles in the family, and the overall integrated approach of the relationship.

The transformation of the attitude of husbands and wives does not occur within the framework of the values of the community. At the same time, this process is accompanied by the displacement of boys and girls from the family. The results of this process are the alienation of boys and girls from each other and the tendency to the psychological abandonment of the parental functions, the loss of self-esteem, and the desire for the adoption of children by same-sex families.

Marriage evolves bringing to the forefront the importance of matrimony status as an independent value. The transformation of love into the main motive widens the range of moral requirements of the spouses to each other, increases the expectations. The importance of personal, intimate communication based on respect, attention, care, sense of the value of one’s personality increases.

However, there is a tendency to an increase in the number of adolescents with antisocial views towards parents. The personality of a teenager who is socially active has a faster and easier transition into adult scales. However, in socially oriented groups, the reverse happens: social inhibition of free growth leads to the conflict of the family.

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This is a very interesting phenomenon which may be described in essays on family values. The idea of “American exclusiveness” is being transformed today. The attempt of powerful persons with the power of the community closed to them as a part of the one cohesive group.

The representative of one social group is no longer needed to truly represent the interests of the entire population. Today, only a small part of the population knows “The whole population of the United States is engaged in manufacturing and consumption” (using material resources and forms of production in accordance with traditional ideas) but not morally. The whole society is oriented by the goal of reaching own goals through the means of individual enterprise.

The modern society consists of within its framework – a scientifically civilized society divided into the proletariat and the middle class. These two sections are not identical in their nature and do not correspond to each other at all. The productive capacities of the nation have constantly increased. But the social composition of the population has not changed. In the 1960s, the lower class of the US population received only 15% of the national annual income. In 1970, the share of the labor force employed in agriculture was lower than in the previous decades. However, the social and economic characteristics of the average family have continuously increased.

The single class “middle class” includes a part of society that is engaged in cultural achievements, top belongs in scientific activity and belongs to a new generation.