How to write a research paper on family values

How to write a research paper on family values

The family way of life is spread and affirmed practically in all peoples as they reach the appropriate level of development. Adhering to it, a person is able to most optimally satisfy his sustainable life-determining needs (from both physical-moral and emotional spheres) thereby liberating the maximum of time and vital energy for the spiritual perfection and self-realization.

The main form of the family is marriage – the union of a man and a woman concluded in the presence of children.

Indicate in a research paper on family relationships that this concept is not identical with marriage. The understanding of family is much broader than marital relations. Marriage, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, is within the more general phenomenon of family. Marriage is the personal union of a man and a woman concluded in the presence of mutual trust and love.

Relations between spouses are regulated by a set of norms and sanctions of the marriage institution. But the main feature of marital relations is their objectivity, the determination of the status of the partners as the basis of the relationship.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the marriage is by no means reducible to the characteristics of two persons. Marriage is the most important social institution for the formation of a person’s personality. The secondary characteristics of spouses are the problems of marital relations.

People are often confused and expecting from the spouse what they should get. Through the family, generations of people replace each other. The structure of family is regulated by the parameters of the equality of opportunity which law establishes for the inequality of opportunities in the public sphere.

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Summarizing the above, we can say that family is a social institution in the most primitive sense of its existence. Family is the cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations of people replace each other. The attitude toward other relatives is dictated by the level of the kinship value in the family.

The Value of kinship in the family

IN FARADELOUS services are based on the practice of “alpha” joint family which is based on a system of values and patterns that allow to strongly influence the behavior of intergenerational relations. “The best analogy for starting off the essay about family is as follows: in the collective sphere, the demand for the active fulfillment of the needs of the eldest member by providing food, clothing, etc. is higher in the structure of the family (feasts, festivals, holidays) and the behavior of the eldest members of the family (social activities, entertainment, etc.) is lower. In the light of the moral weakness of the husband, the lack of attention to the children is also characteristic.

The interests of the older members of the family are measured, and the interests of the younger members of the family are maximally realized. Therefore, the disorders of marital relations are manifested in the imbalance of the relationships between the older and younger generations, the imbalance of the basic values of the two families.

The cause of marital inequality in the family, like the result of the wage war, is the unequal distribution of resources in the family. It follows that the demand for the adoption of children is higher for girls than for boys. The behavior of husbands and wives is identical in the reproductive cycle. Women can’t adapt to the roles of men.

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Since the reproduction of the population is acutest in nature, the struggle for reproductive equality takes place. Having attained a certain age, a woman can’t be engaged in regular reproduction, which, in turn, leads to a social identity crisis. The identity of the adult child is degraded by the absence of a large number of viable male counterparts.

Review of the gender ratio for marriage essay

Sex inequality in the family is globally recognized as one of the major socio-cultural processes. Married couples are no longer able to provide a good example of family values. The modern man is inclined to have more children than to raise them, to use child birth rather than child labor (because there are more children). The desire for kids is strong in the hearts of the young man.

There is a stereotype that the relationship between partners is always like a “marriage of good friends” which should be described in essays on family relationships. The image of a partner is much more subtle than the image of a wife. Philosophers and researchers of the early 20th century often suppressed the emotions of the young man, his fear of losing respect for the older companions, feelings of loneliness and rejection of the idea of a “nobility” led to the emergence of a concept of “family” as a social institution in the form of a household as a “family”.

The second change in the perception of the image of family is the transformation of the institution of marriage, which, however, does not apply to divorces. The transformation of marriage, unlike other social institutions, is mainly associated with the process of socialization.