How to write a research paper on genetic engineering

How to write a research paper on genetic engineering

Despite the modern push towards the genetically modified path, many fundamental issues still exist. In particular, the rapid progress of the production of recombinant DNA realized a few decades ago. People first thought about the problem of having the large amount of bulky molecules (prokaryotes, etc.) in their body cells. Having oriented their genome into the cell, it became possible to introduce changing genes into this cell. Now, it is easy to take the nucleus of the cloned individual and alter it in the cell. Thus, it is possible to correct defective genes and treat hereditary diseases.

Already for some time, the technology of recombinant DNA has been catching. More than a decade ago, a company “Genentech” developed a technology for producing recombinant DNA with the help of which it is possible to correct defective genes and treat hereditary diseases.

The company “Genentech” developed a program for producing human antibodies called “RhB-C”. This method is based on a research on the interaction of antibodies with bacterial cells. When creating a mutant gene encoding a b gene, it is possible to cause gene to be expressed in the cell. The resulting gene is introduced into a cell. If it is expressed, a plant with a newly formed gene is produced. Thus, it is possible to correct defective genes and treat hereditary diseases.

With the help of “CGM” (correction of a gene in a cell), a company “Genentech” increased its profits by more than 10 times. For example, in November 2012, a drug known as pore inducer was introduced in a biotech industry. The ability to direct the drug production facility was already mentioned.

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Importance of genetic engineering essay is related to the fact that, in the future, when changing the genetic characteristics of viruses, biological and drug features, as well as many other actions, are applied. With the help of genetic engineering, even the most lethal diseases are eliminated. Among them, you may find such novel ways of treating hereditary diseases as cancers, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and many others.

How to write a genetic engineering research paper?

Despite increasing popularity of such assignments, students and sometimes even teachers do not know how to write a genetic engineering essay. Because of this, there is a misunderstanding of the basic principles. As the result, the student gets something between the abstract and the scientific article.

In fact, the essay is a small written work of a creative nature. Its author expresses his thoughts about some relevant problem, justifies own vision of its essence in a free manner.

Consider the main features of this type of work:

  • Small volume that traditionally ranges from two to seven pages. This causes such peculiarities of processing and presentation of material as the absence of a strict plan, division into chapters and removal of introduction or conclusion to a separate page.
  • The narrow focus. Because of the small amount of work, it is impossible to analyze many aspects of the phenomenon under study. The need to comply with the size limits makes it necessary to concentrate all attention on one central genetic engineering essay thesis which can be supported by secondary statements.
  • Presence of own opinion. In fact, everything is built around the personality of the author, the subsequent proof of their objectivity.
  • Free style. Writing an essay involves the use of journalistic style, rejection of complex language. At the same time, it is better to avoid the use of spoken words, jargon, household names.
  • Use of theses and arguments. In contrast to the abstract, the essay is built on the statement of certain theses which should be confirmed with several arguments. The main part has the structure “thesis – arguments – new theses – new arguments”.
  • The possibility of using a creative approach in the presentation of own views. You are not limited to any rigid framework, so you can provide arguments in any form: examples, paradoxes, personal experience and description of the observed situations. It is allowed to add statements that can attract the attention of the reader.
  • Internal unity. Despite the absence of strict requirements for the genetic engineering essay outline, all the arguments and theses presented must be connected with the answer to the main question. The hypothesis put forward in the introduction must be proved. If this task was successfully completed, it is worth writing about it in conclusion.
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    As you can see, the main difference from the abstract is the ring structure. The style of writing, a small amount, emphasizing of own opinion distinguish this type of written work from a standard scientific article.

    Outline for a research paper on genetic engineering

    These structural parts may be found on the Internet. But at the same time, it is better to look for them in the official sources, because they will be useful at all times.


    The first thing you should take into account when preparing a self-presentation is a persistent desire to get a high mark.