How to write a research paper on genetic engineering of plants?

How to write a research paper on genetic engineering of plants?

As any other kind of essay, genetic engineering is aimed at gaining an academic result, which is usually obtained in the course of undergraduate studies. To achieve this goal, a student must have reliable information sources and methods of their application.

Most of the genetic engineering essay topics revolve around the problem of producing transgenic plants that are different from the usual varieties. In this case, the scientist will focus on choosing the structure of the gene that provides the ability of a plant to synthesize complex BTS (or protein), i.e. the ability of a plant to circumvent the feed-forward process.

The second phase of the nutritional agriculture revolution is connected with the technology of creating transgenic plants. In 1996, a technology company “Genentech” presented a transgenic plant with which it is possible to change the genetic characteristics of many viruses in the plant cell. Such a product was called “Genentech SuperVirus”.

Initially, the gene was only able to replace the protein. Now, protein is used instead of the protein. The ability of transgenic plants to synthesize complex proteins is even more remarkable. When a plant with sharply increased resistance to pesticides was obtained, in turn, it was possible to use this plant in agriculture.

So, you may emphasize in a genetic engineering research paper that the role of the genome is playing the role of the main resource of the company. today, it is necessary to search for in detail the proteins that mediate the treatment requirements, absorb oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide, use metal/arsenic cell cultures, in vitro and in vivo production of proteins.

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The technology of recombinant DNA realized an unconventional “protein-gene” approach called “reverse genetics”. You may explain its essence and benefits in a short essay on genetic engineering. A protein is isolated from the cell. The gene of this protein is cloned, modified by creating a mutant gene encoding the altered form of the protein. The resulting gene is introduced into the cell. If it is expressed, the carrying cell and its offsprings will synthesize the altered protein. Thus, it is possible to correct defective genes and treat hereditary diseases.

With the help of genetic engineering, animals which have useful traits and are resistant to viral attacks were created. For example, a microinjection of a recombinant DNA containing a bovine somatotropin gene into a rabbit zygote made it possible to create a transgenic animal with a hyperproduction of this hormone.

It is even difficult to predict all the opportunities that will be realized in the next few decades. Now let’s consider the fields of practical application of genetic engineering.

Information for essay on genetic engineering in food production and medicine

Twenty years ago, plant biotechnology lagged in its development. But it’s worth mentioning in genetic engineering persuasive essay that, over the last 10 years, there has been a rapid release of transgenic plants with new useful features to the market. In 1996, in the US, transgenic plants occupied an area of 3 million acres. In 1997, the area increased to 15 million acres, in 1998 – to 60 million acres, and in 2000 – to 80 million acres.

The pace of expansion simply amazes with its speed. Since the main transgenic forms of corn, soybean, cotton with resistance to herbicides and insects have proven themselves well, it is not difficult to guess that the area for genetically engineered plants increased by about 4-5 times in 2001.

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In April 1998, there was the following percentage of transgenic forms of plants in agriculture: corn – 6%; soybean – 12%; cotton – 15%; tomatoes – 1%.

Since the number of people has increased from 1.5 to 6.5 billion in the last century, and by 2030, it is expected to grow to 9 billion, there is a serious problem facing humanity – the huge increase in food production. Despite the fact that production has increased by 2.5 times over the past 40 years, it is still not enough.

Another problem is connected with medical treatment. Despite the enormous achievements of modern medicine, today’s medicines are so expensive that a part of the population of the earth relies entirely on traditional pre-scientific methods, first of all, on untreated remedies of plant origin.

In developed countries, by 25%, medicines consist of natural substances obtained from plants. The discoveries of recent years indicate that plants will continue to be a source of useful biologically active substances (BTS) for a long time, and that the plant cell’s ability to synthesize complex BTS still far exceeds the synthetic ability of a chemical engineer. Stress in a genetic engineering argumentative essay that scientists focused on the problem of creating transgenic plants due to this reason.

The history of genetic engineering of plants is usually counted from 1982, when genetically transformed plants were first obtained.