How to write a research paper on population

How to write a research paper on population

The study of population is an area of special responsibility and concern. It is aimed at discovering, studying, determining, providing and disseminating information on the size, composition, and movement of the population.

A research paper is an independent project of a student, often performed under supervision of a professor. It should demonstrate student’s proficiency in a topic, ability to use resources, skills and knowledge gained and presented. Of course, work in a research paper is much simpler. It is not a report or an essay but an opportunity to make a real discovery, apply a scientific approach and obtain a valuable result.

Of course, choosing a topic is quite difficult. Look for a way out of the situation. Tell us what discoveries you are going to make. We will tell you how to find them in a text and tell you how to present your findings in convincing and understandable form.

Research topics

The subject of the research is its object, the problem or phenomenon under consideration. It is a research area in which both scientific and practical efforts are made. The topic can be focused on any processes taking place in the society, in particular, economic. Examples of topics are economy and population, social problems, and many others.

Many students prefer to choose the theme that is applicable to a particular academic level. Of course, if you have to write essays on economics, there is a simple path to mastery, and these will be the research topics. But if you want to go further and to explore the world, there are many unexplored areas. Of course, some of them are already very clear, but conceptually they are not so obvious. For example, it will be quite difficult to study an analysis of statistics, look at the time and economic indicators, explode the myths about the economy, prove the profitability of working with certain suppliers, etc.

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Here is a example of a topic for your research paper on population: “In developed countries, the consumption of resources is most directed to the process of population growth. Fertilizers are used to grow the trees on which the workers live. The soil is completely filled with vegetation, and the appearance of humans is accompanied by a decrease in the supply of rain on the whole planet.” Assuming the situation is not very unfavorable to life, society can maintain self-sufficiency, and the population, having expanded the frontier of the uninhabited areas, is able to grow to 1000 people. Already 1000 people are such a rarity.

Another approach for writing a population history essay is to consider the history of the population development. The definition of the term “population” already means two things: occurrences and places. The first one is a past, present-time average, and the second one is a historical average, which is used to determine the size, composition, and distribution of the population.

Let’s consider a number of places that gave up after the industrial revolution and get back to work on the losses a society sustained during this period. The first place is the United States of America, which used to have a huge workforce. But in the 1960s, the situation has changed dramatically. The workforce has less than 10 million people, and the lower class – a million. The shares of the lower class in the wages of the middle class have decreased.

The trends of population growth through the middle class have stalled since the early 1990s. According to the authors of the report, since 2000, the number of people employed in agriculture has decreased from 4.5 to 3.5 million, and the number of farms reduced from 6.5 to 2.5 million.

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There is a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of middle class workers. In 2003, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for manufacturers. The pay rates of their employees also tend to decline. For example, in February 2013, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for manufacturing.

There is also a tendency for the growth of a gap in the prices of certain goods. The items, which become more expensive, are frequently chosen by the middle class students and workers of the same occupation. Commensurate prices are one of the reasons of the middle class income inequality.

Despite the fact that the middle class is now exposed to more pressure from the government, it still represents one of the most socially and economically active layers of society.

Despite the fact that the middle class is increasingly squeezed, it still embodies and maintains the social structure of the society, though its income differs significantly from the income of the middle class. In 1983, the middle class consisted of 6 million people, and in 2012, it already occupies the middle of the social hierarchy.

The composition of the middle class has undergone a rapid transformation, and the numbers of people employed in industry have greatly increased. In 1981, the share of production expenditure in the national economy was 16.