How to write a research paper on population

How to write a research paper on population

This article is devoted to a problem that concerns a large number of people, but, nevertheless, cannot be considered as the only one, since the social activity of the population is influenced by other factors: universal social and psychological, economic. Population, like any other resource, is subject to constant change, and only this changes the reality on the earth. So, no fact about the population, that we can simply divide into a solid, truly moral concept, exists.

Material for advantages of population essay

It should be written in an essay on population advantages and disadvantages that, in the light of the serious economic transformations of the world, the population will always be stimulated by material wealth, and, in the future, the wealth will continue to increase. In other words, the population, having become poor, will always be able to move forward.

In the period of population growth, the following types of improvements will be observed:

  • technical improvement of the population, increase in life expectancy, improve life conditions.
  • resource improvement: i.e. the consumption of resources, energy, and physical activity.
  • question about the population, its balance, the role of social responsibility.
  • assessment of the population’s position in the social structure of society.
  • populations which, however, are not able to fight poverty on their own, without external help.
  • Secondary changes in the population are the following: in the future, the population will be able to pay for the living. The main attempt of the population to meet the new living standards will be successful. But there will be the possibility of failure, since the new members will have to earn a living wage.

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    Why you may need a population research paper?

    Because of the complex and unstable nature of the process of population growth, it is not easy for an individual to meet his daily needs and to create material Comfort. In the process of population aging, the number of elderly people begins to decline. The following negative trends are observed: the number of older people begins to decrease, the number of middle aged people increases.

    The causes of population aging are ambiguous. On the one hand, this is the decline in the birth rate, which leads to a reduction in the number of children and young people, on the other – an increase in life expectancy. In 1996, the average life expectancy in the EU was 80 years for women and 74 years for men. Sweden had the highest indicator, Portugal – the lowest.

    Here are the most important economic and social consequences of this trend which should be described in an aging population research paper:

  • An increase in the proportion of older people poses a task for society to organize care for them, especially since the proportion of people older than 80 years grows faster than the proportion of older people as a whole. From 1960 to 1990, the number of people with the age above 80 years has grown in the EU countries from 5 to 12 million people, that is, by 140%.
  • Medical care for the elderly, the need for which, naturally, increases with aging. It involves additional funding, expanding the network of medical, gerontological institutions and qualitative restructuring of the health care system.
  • The employment of the elderly population, provision of working places for “young seniors”.
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    It should be mentioned in an aging population opinion essay that this phenomenon influences the structure of material production, changes the range of goods and services in accordance with the needs of older clients. It is also necessary to change some technological operations, adapt machines and equipment to the age-specific characteristics of workers. Means of transport, opportunities, and ease of their use also should correspond to the requirements of older people.

    A certain part of the elderly population can and wants to work. However, in a number of countries, there are laws that establish the age when a person must leave the workplace. In most states, such a border is 65 years old. But life does not always fit into the strict prescriptions of legislators. Therefore, in accordance with some pension systems, early retirement is encouraged.

    On the one hand, there is a tendency for an earlier retirement, which in some countries leads to a certain decrease in pension payments. On the other hand, some professionals, especially high-level ones, do not want to retire even in the time established by law. In general, the share of employees older than 65 years reduces. This does not apply to farms where people work until old age. But the share of people employed in agriculture is small and continues to decrease.

    A huge influx of women (often highly educated) into the labor market leads to the displacement of older men in some countries. The use of fundamentally new production technologies also displaces the older generation.