How to write a research paper on population

How to write a research paper on population

The research work of scientists has always included the study of one important parameter, namely the population, which is also often called as a social category. The following definition of the population is characteristic for the social categories:

  • id – the sum of the number of people that are in a society, regardless of their positions and social status;
  • iw – the number of households and families on a given continent in 1920;
  • vg – the total population of any state in 2050;
  • rh – the number of children and elderly people, as well as the number of ethnic groups;
  • sa – the number of participants in a given tourism project;
  • v – the number of workers in agriculture, forestry, and other industrial enterprises;
  • w – the number of participants in a mathematical demonstration;
  • fm – the ratio of the population to the population, which is expressed in a number of integral parameters, for example:
  • liebergh – the percentage of people employed in agriculture and educational establishments, industry (service) in the national economy;
  • ethnogamy – the number of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, as well as the number of their descendants in the world.
  • Note in a population definition essay that, in the definition of the term “family”, the context of the conversation with the above mentioned parameters is absent. The family is considered as a social institution, a small social group, which unites people from different social strata, helps to provide a common language, to conduct a common economy and to bear public responsibility. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

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    The number of definitions of the concept “family” existing in the literature can be conditionally divided into three categories.

  • Such a variety of definitions indicates the complexity of the phenomenon. So, you have to make intellectual efforts to write a good argumentative essay on domestic violence.

    The family “does not fit” into the framework of any area of knowledge. Its various parts are described by at least ten independent sciences. Each family researcher, in accordance with his goals, takes one aspect of family relations for consideration (philosophical, historical, economic, demographic, sociological, medical, psychological, or pedagogical, perhaps, related to the family relationships in different ways).

    Summarizing the above definitions, we can say that the family belongs to special, fundamental groups of society. Among them, the family belongs to the first. The social roles and aspirations of the spouses are formed and become the basis of the personality. The integration of the family is effected by the competition for prestige, which leads to the personality transformation of the individual. The Catholic Church claimed that adultery is the result of the union of “the flesh and the spirit.” Strict forms of marriage, monogamy are forbidden to children and spouses are created solely for the sake of marriage. But “marriage” is also about the gift of the individual, the most important and authentic expression of the aspiration of the individual, the opportunity to receive the most full and satisfying service from the partner in the system of mutual service.

    Media exploitation

    Sometimes it is easy to expose the exploitation, because the interest of the public and the media is closely interrelated. The modern social practice of media dependence is reflected in the development of a knowledge of the media, which, in turn, leads to the logical and mathematical underdevelopment of the average person. The natural hierarchy of knowledge of the world’s media is visible, in which the different layers of the population share their information.

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    The structure of the media is usually created for a particular audience.