How to write a research paper on population?

How to write a research paper on population?

A research paper is a kind of an academic assignment which has a small volume and focuses on some particular issue. Its feature is a free form of writing which is performed in an individual author’s manner. This work can be described as a philosophical, artistic, critical or cause and effect essay.

A research paper is related to quite a few topics. The first is fertility. The researchers tried to understand how fertility decreases with age, and this experiment was aimed at studying the relationship between life expectancy and fertility. The goal of the research was to find out the causes of the transformation of the reproductive capacity of the most virile among the adult population into the reproductive capacity of the youngest generation.

After obtaining the results of the study, it was decided to proceed to the next stage of the research. The study of mortality among urban residents was conducted. The main goal of the present work is to make a small presentation of the results of the study and findings regarding its topics.

Shortly after the death of Charles Darwin, American biologists published a book “An Essay on the Principle of Population” (1882). This work was aimed at studying the relationship between people on the planet Earth and the affairs of the surrounding reality. Most of the authors of the book managed to place an order in the telephone, and by the time of the crisis, the telephone had become a common tool for accessing the databases of scientific works, etc.

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The first version of the theme of the work was a brilliant insight of American biologist Paul Ehrlich. His main goal was to outline the foundations of a scientific explanation of the nature of human population, the dynamics of the development of the population, and statistical calculations.

Stress in an essay on population that, in the 80ies, it was proposed to create a global population – a population of the entire planet. Such a goal was achieved at the level of the structures of the world population. The level of the population was reduced by 1.5 times during this period. But the process of reduction did not lead to a significant change in the structure of the planet population.

Review of the problem for a population growth essay

The modern population is a social institution which receives, as a rule, essential information and resources. This determines the degree of social stratification of the population. In Europe, the principles of population distribution were more clearly articulated than in the United States of America.

But the main difference between the approaches to population control was expressed not so much in the reduction of the number of people as in the change in the class structure of the population. In Europe, the functions of population were circumscribed a few centuries ago. The following concepts are in the minds of the participants in the social process:

  • firstly, the population was a united body of individuals who were equal before the emergence of the state.
  • thirdly, the social structure of the population was filled with one-family families, and the children were born to the couple.

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  • medium – a family consisting of one-two children.
  • long – a family consisting of up to three children.
  • affordable – the income of partners in the range of incomes from the workplace, state institutions, related to household activities, artistic activities, sports, various amateur classes, etc.
  • You may state in an essay on income inequality and happiness that all these parameters are useful for a model of today’s society. However, they are not always equivalent to each other.

    The following concepts are in good position:

  • the economy, as a rule, determines the social status of representatives of the lower class.
  • relative stability of the population, which is provided by the high fertility of the population.
  • sustainable economic development, that is, the population continues to grow.
  • only reasonable proportion of the population on the high social status.
  • ownership of the land and, especially, the right to use it, which, in turn, presupposes a high share of the national income.
  • relative stability of the population, high fertility due to the high mortality of the population.
  • sustainable economic development, as the population, having attained a given age, fully understands the fundamentals of the economy and is able to use the opportunities of economic growth.
  • provided the social and professional status of representatives of the lower class.
  • their ability to influence the social process and its management.
  • their consciousness and the level of education.
  • their emotions and reactions to external stimuli, especially changes in the environment.
  • their perception of own personality and society as a whole.
  • their personality.
  • image, conventionality and ideal of a human personality.
  • total control over the behaviors of the population.