How to write a research paper on population

How to write a research paper on population

The study of population is one of the fastest and easy stage of an educational path. It allows to study directly the changes that occur in a population during the course of history. The pattern is an important indicator of the time and economic development of society. The interval of the population’s existence depends on the level of fertility (the number of births and deaths per year). The social purpose of population is its quantitative and qualitative composition. Characteristics of the population are among the main characteristics of this component.

This parameter is constantly adjusted and improved. Scientists provide the following estimates: in the short term, the population will experience a decrease in the number of births and a decrease in the number of young people. However, in the long term, the growth in the population is maintained and the process of elimination of inequality is observed.

Whenever the population is trained to consume, the biological potential of the organism is fully utilized. The level of its activity is higher than the level of the production of food and resources. In turn, the population’s needs are reduced. The lowest estimate of the population’s needs is the amount of nutrition needed for the average person. The population, with its life cycle, reaches a dead end at the stage of adaptation. The population, having exhausted all other sources of water, wood, fish, reduced the supply of fresh water, the eutrophication process is observed.

It’s worth mentioning in a population problem essay that the effect of population on the environment is often underestimated. The studies conducted in many countries of the world show that the population depresses the level of ecological protection (water bodies, reservoirs, etc.) but does not always this process at the level of the environmental protection of water bodies and the surrounding environment. The author of a research paper on population issues says that the world’s first urban population, which appeared in the XIX century, consisted of 800 million people. The population of cities is very different from the population of agricultural lands and pioneers – only 2.5 million. The urban population, which emerged in the late XIX century, consists of 3.5 million people. In comparison with the agricultural population, it is only 1.5 million.

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Does not the comparison of methods of population aging and development continue? When the population is sufficiently old, it can carry out useful activities. However, often this process leads to the development of age anomalies. The workers are often no longer able to continue the production, and the population dies. This phenomenon is characteristic for the international migration patterns. The changes in the population are usually faster in the countries of the lower, middle, and upper classes.

In the years of maximum fertility, the population grows almost 1.5 times, in the decades of the maximum life cycle. The time of death is identical for the generations of the population. This is a period of transition from the genocidal to the reproductive phase. The population, having ceased to experience any pain from life, began to experience signs of withdrawal.

Writing the essay on the impact of population on the environment, you may write that, in the words of demographers, the population remains at a level of material well-being at the level of the most developed countries in the world. The material well-being of the population is ensured by the level of medical knowledge, adequate access to the social sphere, and high quality of education.

Mention in the population and environment essay that, in the Q1 (1920) the population of the world’s population was 1.615 billion, and the population of the poorest groups of people was 1.529 billion. These figures are very close to each other, and they do not allow any excessive assumption. The fake population is suppressed and distorted by the social network.

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Another extremely important indicator of the population is its ability to exchange information. The more people there are in the social strata, the more sophisticated their everyday lives are. The spread of the poverty is associated with the lack of ability to exchange information, which, in turn, leads to the lack of ability to interpret the reality of relations between the world’s characters. In a word, the natural historical period is the era of the appearance of the first social networks, which were essential for the development of the social practices of the new cultures.

For example, the computer technology has appeared. Taking into account the fact that most people cannot work without it, people were forced to use a variety of new means of communication, which included texting, surfing the Internet, and chatting with others. Such “free” access led to the fact that people have to pay for the real content of the Internet. So, people were able to exchange their opinions and thoughts whatever they wanted.

Of course, not everyone understood how convenient it was to share their thoughts and view the world through a computer. But, surprisingly, the virtual reality did not lend itself to anyone.