How to write a response paper?

How to write a response paper?

The composition of the response paper is based on a clear plan that can drastically simplify his work. The material should be studied in detail. First of all, he should build a rough draft of the work, illustrate it with words. The following plan will help you to act in the event of necessity:

  • Introduction. The author presents his idea (matter of what is the main idea of it).
  • Body. This section is the most important part of the whole paper. Here you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the matter, to consider it from different perspectives. Add as many facts as possible, discuss the smallest details.
  • A response can be:

  • constructive: analysis of the main idea, presentation of several points of view on the basis of examples;

  • emotional: such a paper is written if the author felt enthusiastic, impressed by the level of reaction and inspired by the creativity of his work.
  • The preparation of the assignment is characteristic of the person. In addition, the response paper may have some declarative form. The main features of this type are the presence of topic sentences at the end of the paper.

    The general structure of the paper is usually the same as the concept of the project itself. We often consider it to be a “standard” response paper. The task of this paper is to show the author and the public how the subject of the outburst was understood at the end of the work.

    The topic should be understandable and clear. We recommend you to work according to the outline in order to avoid unnecessary details and deviations from the topic. Simple and concise language is preferable. The audience, having got acquainted with the author, already knows what may be expected from the new appeal. The image of the author is the guarantee of the stability of judgments and reactions to speech (book, television program, etc.) The audience wants stability. Therefore, the speaker, for the sake of the unity of his image, should not change his views even under pain of death.

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    The orator mask (the image of the speaker) is the first layer of content that the audience reads. Seeing the author, people already suggest the general semantic direction of his speech. As a rule, the audience’s attitude towards the speaker is caused by his previous actions. However, it happens that it is associated with the social, professional or other status of the speaker. In some cases, this status works in favor, in others – on the contrary (for example: a female lecturer in front of a male audience in Central Asia).

    Comprehension of the speaker’s image is important both for preparation of rhetorical analysis essay assignment and for compiling own speech.


    In rhetoric, the term “speech situation” is used. This is one of the basic units of verbal and written communication. The concept of a speech situation includes the sphere of communication, the subject of utterance, conditions, circumstances under which work was composed, social connections, personal relationships between the author and the audience, goals, tasks of speaker’s actions and deeds.

    The sphere of communication and the subject of speech determine the choice of a functional version of the language. In direct communication with others, we use colloquial speech, in the field of scientific activity – scientific style, in public relations – journalistic style, in the sphere of official relations – an official business style, mainly in writing.

    In its external conditions, communication can be official, requiring compliance with all norms, rules, formalities (it is characterized by a dispassionate, reserved tone) and informal (a friendly appeal to readers or listeners).

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    Official communication can be personal, direct (business conversation, for example) and public (speech on radio, television, lecture, report). The second category is most suitable for a critical rhetorical analysis essay.

    The social position, roles of the speakers and their personal relationships leave a mark on the determining of language facilities. In all cases, a correct choice from a functional variety of linguistic means appropriate to a specific speech, a social situation is necessary.

    The imprint on the choice of language facilities is also imposed by the number of people participating in the communication. Whether you write a letter for one person or a publication intended for a wide range of readers, this will determine the choice of words, construction of sentences, a general plan, composition of the speech, arguments, direction of thought, used an actual material, a pace of speech.

    Important components of the speech situation are goals and tasks of communication. Depending on them, means of the corresponding language, appropriate style are used.


    Determining the characteristics of the audience is also one of the important steps to writing a rhetorical analysis essay. The composition, direction in the disclosure of content, language means of expression are dictated to the speaker by features of the audience.