How to write a review paper?

How to write a review paper?

It is not at all difficult to compose a good review. The main thing is to stay on intended topic and study a source it thoroughly. Even if it is your own work, do not make a simple retelling. A reader should understand what you want to prove or refute. It is necessary to study a topic thoroughly and patiently, distinguish its main features, take into account influence of aforementioned influences and publish your thoughts in a way that correspond to a goal of a study.

It is especially important to work on a positive characteristic. It is sometimes difficult for a writer to breathe a fresh air for several minutes. When reading a book, we inhale, and the result is an even better text. If you write your review in a literary essay, it is necessary to ensure that the text is not only literate but also attracts attention of a reader. It is not recommended to write a short text just to get rid of the afterthought.

Now you know how to write a literature paper. We hope that the above information will help you get the highest score. Good luck!

Writing About Population

You may write in an essay on population definition that, in the most primitive sense, this concept means a group of people living on a certain territory. The size and composition of the population are among the largest areas of statistical research. They play an important role in the system of indicators for the planned development of the economy, culture, improving people’s material well-being, are used to assess the level of achieved economic growth, for the current and future planning of industrial, agricultural production, labor, etc.

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Information for a “Statistics of population” research paper

Writing an “Importance of population education” essay, you’ll have to describe the basic scientific directions in this sphere. The statistics is one of the most important. It is focused on the patterns of quantitative changes in the population. In accordance with this task, it studies the size, composition, and movement of the population, causes and factors of population change on various grounds (sex, age, social status, education), its migration, fertility, mortality, life expectancy.

A specific feature of statistics is that in all cases its data refer to large groups. Characteristics of individual phenomena come to the attention only as a basis for obtaining summary characteristics.

Reliable information support is needed to monitor demographic processes and evaluate the effectiveness of policy measures in this sphere. The main sources of information on the number and composition of the population are censuses and current population records.

Explain in an essay on population that census is a scientifically organized collection of information in order to obtain data on the number, composition, and distribution of the population. It has a number of features:

  • the census is universal for the entire territory and population of the state where it is conducted, without exception;
  • the principle of self-determination is used: all information is collected from the words of respondents;
  • at the same time, the rules of simultaneity of registration time, uniformity of terms and methods of conducting a census are fulfilled.
  • The census program includes demographic (sex, date, and place of birth, marital status, etc.), economic (occupation, industry and type of economic activity, source of means of subsistence, etc.), educational (characteristics of general or professional education: the number of years of study or level of education, visits to an educational institution, etc.), as well as ethnic (nationality, native and spoken languages, etc.) features. The composition of households and families is also taken into account.

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    As a rule, the census is conducted once in 10 years during the periods when the population is most sedentary (in autumn or winter). All information received during the census is attributed to a certain date and a certain time – the time of registration.

    Mention in your population control essay that in the intervals between the censuses, the so-called micro-censuses are carried out. These are selective surveys of socio-demographic processes on the national and individual levels. In addition to obtaining usual information about the composition of the population, micro-censuses are oriented toward studying the formation of a family, changes in the birth rate, causes of migration, and housing conditions.

    There are two categories of population that are taken into account in the framework of the census:

  • The present population is a totality of individuals in a given territory at the time of the census. The determination of its size requires additional surveys of population on transport and significantly complicates the organization of censuses.