How to write a sacrifice essay?

How to write a sacrifice essay?

A level of understanding of own sexuality and respective requirements for a partner depends primarily on relationships in the family, on the tact, the culture and the intelligence of the parents. In other words, a complex system of interpersonal relationships underlies the spiritual maturity of the individual.

Relations between parents and children, the harmony of the marriage constitute a hierarchical system of family values.

The foundation of family, as a cultural institution, is a psychologically fixed system – a set of values and attitudes that allow the parents to satisfy their own needs, to meet the daily needs of their children, to bring them closer to the development of the individual.

In the system of family, there are no explicit instructions for a spouse on how to behave with a partner. However, there are some customs that must be observed. All parties should be prepared for the fact that the behavior of the spouse in the family setting is subject to certain requirements.

The first is the time of the most intense group life cycle (months and years of the marriage process). The circle of people around the spouses closes. The time of the most intense group life cycle starts with the eruption of some kind of stress factor (usually, job loss, house fire, etc.). And this cycle continues until the due date of the marriage.

Secondary relationships are conducted mainly within the family, since family is a place where, for the first time, a person meets with his own kind of peers. Such meeting is often described as a “soul-sacrifice” – a special form of interpersonal interaction in which the communication of lovers, the exchange of rewards or punishment is carried out. Such type of “soul-sacrifice” is characteristic for families with an ideological position different from the average family.

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For a couple with non-traditional orientation, family is a setting in which the person with non-traditional orientation has to communicate with other people, to show active participation in community life and to be able to relate to the community, to share his problems and solve problems. For many people in such families, active work and labor activity bring significant advantages to family ties. The example of the non-traditional orientation of the spouse is less significant than the example of traditional orientation. However, the researchers made the following conclusions: in gay couples income level is of high importance in determining which partner will have dominant role in family affairs. Therefore, and the manifestation of the value of kinship connections does not automatically mean the separation of the older and younger generations.

The main family relationships are characterized by high attachment to the marriage institution. The values of spouses are limited to the interests of the marriage institution. Therefore, the reproduction of the population is proscribed by the maximum attachment to the marriage institution.

There is a tendency of raising the child as a adolescent. At this age, attachment to the child is strengthened, and the desire for intimate contact gives rise to the desire for the adoption of children. In traditional Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, marriage is considered a heterosexual institution. However, in recent years, some denominations of Protestant Christianity have abandoned this institution of marriage, and the number of same-sex unions has also reached a record high.

In the non-traditional family, attachment to the marriage institution is lower, and in combination with the discipline of the family, it is not permitted to add children as children. Relatively young children do not belong to the traditional family. They are more free in their choice and, consequently, more difficult to attain the necessary education. In this regard, same-sex marriages are preferred.

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The educational level of children is considerably higher in the phenomenon of early adolescence. The age of pupils is 10-14 years, and the time of the puberty cycle is 5-10 years. The child can be conceived without delay in many countries of the world. Thus, the problem of child pregnancy is primarily associated with the period of puberty.

There is a misconception of the fact that homosexuality is a sexual orientation of a person, rather than a psychological propensity which can lead to unwanted consequences in the life of the adolescent. The idea that you may “try” sex as a young man is being transmitted from the family environment. The atmosphere of sexual harassment exists, which leads to the fact that a person can’t be sure that he or she understands about the experience of sexual orientation.

Parents should be aware that the environment in the family can be toxic to a child. There is a danger of the extreme outcome – the loss of the child’s mother, father, or other family members.

Here is one more myth about the prevalence of homosexuality. Many families include homosexual members in their families. However, research in the gay marriage papers shows that the actual practice of this phenomenon exists in many countries of the world. Besides, many homosexuals are led by serious relationships with adults who are current or former spouses.