How to write a serial killer essay?

How to write a serial killer essay?

To prepare, you should begin with the examination of the problem of serial killers. To come up with a good title, it is worth looking for the agreement of the society that such people should be studied. The symbol of a serial killer is one of the most common. Many scientists work at this problem for many years. At present, this problem is one of the most urgent.

Conflict of society

In modern society, there is a great battle between society and criminals. This is the time of the end of the last century. The whole life of society is firmly dedicated to the fight against crime. However, the radical changes in society and the experience of certain generations of criminals have left a mark in the form of transitions from one society to another.

One of such radical changes in society is the transformation of the American Dream, which, unfortunately, did not have a discernible and palpable character as a whole but consisted in the struggle for the acquisition of wealth and, especially, for the establishment of social order. The whole life of the revolutionary, socialistic, and elite classes was characterized by a constant desire for material superiority, an increase in the number of self-respect. In this sense, the American Dream was a target of the economic and ideological struggles of the American revolutionaries.

As the famous D. Ellington wrote, the ideology of the American Dream is a culture of freedom, justice, and universal peace. It believes in human rights, and makes the life of the citizen easier when no fewer than the individuals are required from the crowd, no less are required from the government (the so-called “blue collar crime” was widespread in the urbanized regions of the metropolis, but the definition of this concept is quite narrow). The American Dream is a dream of freedom, equality, and justice, and this is why it is not difficult for the vast majority of lower class people to adopt it.

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The ideology of the United States is a fusion of many ideas, many contexts, and is rather heterogeneous in different parts of the country. This lets us speak about the American Dream in a context of other countries of the world: the ideology of the European Union, the ideology of the United States, the doctrine of Christ. We can also add that the American Dream is a dream of individual material success, and this idea encourages people to strive for greater means of development, to use their own life experience in the struggle for greater means of material well-being. Individuals, who made efforts to create their own life, often faced failures in practice. As a result, they were forced to look for the ideals, theories, concepts, which were elaborated by the American philosophers and social scientists.

A dream can contradict life, defeat human nature, and degrade the world. But a dream is not averse. It also depends on the level of the creative thinking of the child, the willingness of the family as a social institution, supports whatever the children were subjected to, regardless of their level of knowledge and social position. Thus, the meaning of the word “dream” is always focused on the past, because it includes both past and present. In other words, it is an inner idea of a person, their beliefs and aspirations.

Though it is often seen as a state of the mind, the American Dream is actually a dream of individual material success, the dream of social and domestic democracy, high universal standard of living. It was and remains popular among the inhabitants of the United States until the end of the last century.

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The main postulate of the US Dream is society, which can be called as the most developed social institution. In America, a whole complex of cultures and material manners of life have arisen, which are expressed in the dialogue between the individual and the material surrounding. The whole community has become one of the most important tools in the achievement of the citizen’s social goals.

The society is a socially organized union of people, created and maintained by laws and voluntary agreements. Its educational and legal acts determine the social status of representatives of the population, the possibility of political participation and participation in the organization of economic activity, and the possibility of cultural style in the manifestation of the population’s creativity.

Writing the American Dream paper, you may note that the postulate of the American Dream is social mobility. The improvement of the material situation of the middle class causes rising the status of social groups, which in turn has increased the opportunities for entry into the upper class in the conditions of economic crisis. Rising social mobility gives to the existence of a more promising future for the middle class. The research has shown that the society is quite often able to effect the status differentiation of classes and groups, although the process of economic stratification continues to be accompanied by the significant heterogeneity of the population, which, in turn, adversely affects the attempts of the middle class to advance.