How to write a serial killer essay?

How to write a serial killer essay?

It is necessary to observe some special characteristics of the murderer, his behavior should be described in detail. It is necessary to consider his motivation, intentions and dreams.

  • The profile is usually 15-year-old, attractive and well-educated. A girl can appear quite beautiful in the role of such a serial killer. In some countries, norms of behavior indicate a more pronounced approach to development. You should be sure that the reader will understand your ideas.

  • The serial killer is often characterized by low vulnerability to stress and psychological attention. Even if he is prepared to die from violence, he will not be able to tolerate such a behavior. It’s necessary to describe his feelings and emotions. You can tell about the experiences of remorse and shame, the difficulties he faced in the family, how he looks and how the family treated him.
  • He is not always associated with a positive image of the world. The external attractiveness of the partner is higher. Strictly expressed, especially in the external features of the personality, his attractiveness attracts attention.
  • In some cases, we can differentiate the characteristics of both partners. However, in order to write a good serial killer persuasive essay, you will have to include the information about the most important features of these two personalities.

    The Abnormal behavior of a serial killer

    According to the UCSD, there are certain pathological features of both syndromes:

  • The lack of consistency, consistency of actions. Both killers commit crimes in imitation of others. The difference is an important indicator of the difference between habitual criminals and ordinary ones.
  • The transition from the primary (active) to secondary (passive) state. The behavior of a serial killer is typical of the latter. Although it differs from the norm, it is nevertheless very characteristic of the latter.
  • The transition from a minority to a single characteristic. The pattern is a pendulum with a constant movement from one extreme to another. The behavior of a serial killer is characterized by a constant desire to commit the victim’s death.
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    Such serial killers are characterized by low vulnerability to stress and are often characterized by low vulnerability to stress. They maintain the balance between work and home. Other people or the requirements of professional activity can become the causes of stress.

  • While committing a crime, a serial killer is often distracted, not always, but also by external factors. External factors are the like of such: bad weather, bad company, unemployment, etc.
  • Denial of responsibility. The fault of a serial killer is not only his unwillingness to accept responsibility but also inability to take responsibility for own actions, authority, reckless behavior, exceeding the allowed norm.
  • Social isolation. The psychologist described in this phenomenon is based on the research of group forms of functioning which are provided by group members.
  • When there is a significant number of persons with whom the son defects are manifested, there is a danger of their excessive growing.
  • A number of people is found among the decomposing victims. Usually, these are doctors, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Son defects are manifested in the choice of the spouse, inability to follow the same example, the tendency of individuals to restrict themselves, as well as the use of certain medical and psychological instruments.
  • Influence of alcohol on the psyche. To drink one glass of beer, a person must have a couple of glasses.
  • Glass, wine or beer, beer, juice or wine can be used as a way out.
  • Juvenile alcoholism. It should be noted in drinking age essay that the cause of juvenile alcoholism is the rapid rates of development, increase in activity, increased desire for pleasure. As a result, young people rapidly acquire a habit, and the habit is frequently maintained. Once or twice, a teenager goes beyond the normal dose, and the effect of alcohol on the brain is quickly established. A child who has been drinking alcohol regularly over the last decade was given a dose of alcohol encephalized. After a while, the alcohol content in the blood is restored to the previous level. The person will not be aware of the new normal dose, and the toxin accumulates. The situation is aggravated by the continued consumption, which primarily affects the activity of the nervous system. The drinker has a shifting effect on the activity of the same parts of the brain, besides the gastrointestinal system. The accumulation of alcohol takes place in the brain due to the action of the adrenaline regulator, as well as on the abdominal cavity.