How to write a serial killer essay?

How to write a serial killer essay?

To begin with, it is necessary to outline the general characteristics of a psychopathic killer, which will be described in more detail further in this article. Surrounding people immediately try to provide support and to provide moral support to a person in crisis situations.

  • An essential part of the assessment of the psychopathic killer is his ability to create an image of a strong, healthy person with the desire to be in power. As a rule, such people have a healthy weight, are usually well-educated and have a good sense of humor.

  • The deviant behavior
  • Regarding the characteristics of this type of killers, it should be noted that they are characterized by a number of distinctive characteristics:

  • The inclination to commit a crime is quite fixed (although it can also be sincere and immoral). Young people show an inclination for money, adventure, and show an inclination for acquiring wealth, leading this phenomenon in the sense of gaining universal respect for oneself and for allowing to reduce poverty, at least in the middle class.
  • The ability to spend a lot of time on one goal. The central issue of the thesis identifies the personality of the offender as a ‘machine gun” capable of a large-scale destruction. This is a very significant characteristic.
  • The habit of forming tight associations is characteristic for a comeful personality. Abbott’s study suggests that most rapists come from families in which he was a favorite teacher.
  • The priority of activities is the establishment of contact with the surrounding reality, the desire for high-level communication. This characteristic is also characteristic for thieves, drug addicts, and sociopaths.
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    However, no one finds out the temperament of the deviant type in the atmosphere of suppressed fear and disgust, simple reliance on the ambiguity of concepts. The external, social, and psychological characteristics of this type are also usually varied.

    The internal level of the mentality of the deviant is characterized by the desire to gain power over others. The internal struggle is the most significant factor of the entire criminal process. Its spirit is strong, and the power of his emotions is absolute, manifested in the fact that he can control the world and the whole surrounding people. In the system of sacrifice, the will is the power of a person’s movement to personal enrichment, and this is why he can control destruction.

    Contact with destruction allows to reveal the internal struggle of the hero with the greatest force. After having experienced this kind of experience, he rushes to the decision, which is quite problematic in its own character – the destruction of the father.

    If the father is a man of philosophical thought, then the son is a man of humanism. At the same time, the son is a man of biological principles, is attached to the problem of love, actively and completely, does not consider himself a selfish individual.

    The struggle of the father and son is a complex psychological process which should be described in a foundation essay for a serial killer essay. The main thing that the son does is to convince the father that he is unable to solve the problem of his own life, and the father encourages him to death.

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    It should be noted in a “How to stop a killer?” essay that parental decisions are made on the basis of mutual trust and love. Only in this case, the son is able to do what the father can not solve, and the father’s decision is aimed at ensuring the child’s happiness.

    The solution of all sorts of problems is not in the execution of the roles of the parents. In order to prevent negative consequences, it is necessary to make decisions among the parents themselves, which may be very different. In addition, it is quite possible that the social status of the child will be established by the act of parental marriage.

    It should be noted in essays on domestic violence that the position of the mother is especially difficult. It is necessary to consider the personality of the child, and the expression of his feelings, thoughts, aspirations, if they differ from the standard views.

    The image of the father is especially favorable in the system of sacrifice. The question “What makes a good parent?” arises in the consciousness of the son. The image of the mother is rather exalted. Among the first laws in the United States, it was established that the husband must leave the wife for his own benefit. Such ideas are very attractive to the spouse.

    Such ideas were very attractive to the public, and this is confirmed by the positive results of the marriage. After all, the husband has indeed experienced the greatest difficulties while bringing the child to the marriage. However, the image of the child is exceedingly good-natured.