How to write a serial killer essay?

How to write a serial killer essay?

To begin with, it is important to understand the characteristics of the human psyche and the ways to control this force which always tends to grow. The word “psychological” means the inside, the inside, the unconfident aspirations, the inability to maintain the initial position. To use this term, we may mean the internal physical and mental processes, including genetic, developmental, social, psychological, but by themselves, those which occur automatically and are associated with everyday experience.

Several terms.

  • The family, as a special social institution, is subjected to certain requirements and restrictions in relation to the surrounding reality:

  • Inheritance is compulsory. All adult people within the family are equal; they have equal rights to birth, fair marriage, inheritance of wealth, and domestic rule.
  • Modern family is a 3-generation unit. The first generation is called the “family of children and young people” (later: family of a single woman and man). The second generation is called the “family of a mature person” (later: family of a mature person).
  • The third generation is called the “family of adults” (later: family of adults, etc.).
  • In conventional families, the image of the baby is much closer to the ideal created by the family, the merit of the marriage than to the ideal created by the human. In modern families, there is an image of the child as an independent person able to manage his own behavior and problems. He remains calm and thinks what he wants to say without referring to the outside world.
  • The image of the marriage is moderation in both psychodynamic and behavioral parameters. The family is one of the most interesting social structures, most reliable instruments for the adaptation of the child to the social environment.
  • The family acts as a cultural community, a cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the cycle of kinship continues.
  • Because of the importance of marital relations, the family acts as a cultural center, a center in which different generations of people, parts of families, are connected. Through the family, generations replace each other, the cycle of kinship continues.
  • The natural family, in its turn, is a biological institution in which the genes of one individual are expressed: male and female births and the childbearing period.
  • The third fundamental parameter is the family size. Adhering to the norm (taking into account the age, marriage, social status of the spouses) is the size of the family. In countries with a stable family, the percentage of children is lower than in socially poor families. Marriage usually has two children for parents: a child if birth is completed by a married couple and a husband if birth follows a child (figures of these parameters may be found in the statistics on marital relations in modern society).
  • The fifth fundamental parameter is the prestige of the family. The personality of the partner is determined by the degree of constancy of the circle of communication, mutual level of satisfaction with life values, mutual expectations of positive feelings. The character of interpersonal relationships depends on the degree of constancy of the circle of communication, mutual expectation of positive feelings.
  • Influence of religion on family values essay. In the spiritual and social sphere, the family is particularly interesting for the young. It is the first one among the basic social institutions.
  • Through the family, generations replace each other. The relationships between parents and children are abolished, and the emphasis is placed on the problems of communication, mutual understanding, the need for close communication and the ability to share the problem.
  • The culture of some families is characterized by a certain tendency to summation – the desire for the overall strengthening of ties.
  • The family acts as a cultural community – a kind of a joint assembly of spouses having extensive communication in common activities, which, however, do not exceed the framework of normal social relations.
  • With the development of civilization, the family becomes a cultural institution in the evolution of the ideal society.
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