How to write a strategic analysis essay?

How to write a strategic analysis essay?

Since you have already composed a lot of thoughts, it will be much easier to understand what you are going to write about. But first, it is necessary to take a few more steps.

  • If a teacher has provided a list with several options, select the theme that best suits your interests and knowledge. Then it will be simpler to look for materials. Surely you will come up with original ideas and be able to express them in a creative way. A topic should be understandable and interesting to readers.

    If you were given a complete freedom of choice, it may be difficult to decide on a narrow direction. After all, there are so many important issues, so many unsolved problems in the world that some students want to deal with them all at once. There may be the opposite situation – no ideas at all, zero, emptiness in a mind. Then study the world news to find out what worries humanity today.

    It is desirable to select the area consistent with your faculty and the discipline for which assignment is prepared. For example, if you are a future programmer, write about improving the operating system based on the Group Policy report in Windows. Future doctors may offer unusual treatment techniques based on analyzes performed at clinics. Students at pedagogical universities may describe the measures that should change the educational system for better. Ecologists often write about such problems as environmental pollution and the extinction of rare animals. Economists can work on the monetary policy report, compile an inflation forecast, describe methods for containment and prevention of adverse tendencies.

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    In fact, you can find a field for analysis and improvement in any area. The main thing is to strive to transform the surrounding reality for the benefit of people.

  • Analyze the topic
  • Select good sources, carefully study the history of the issue, assess its scope, familiarize yourself with the approaches that exist at the moment, determine the main reasons for stimulating changes in the chosen area and possible consequences of inaction.

  • Select the comparison criteria
  • How to understand that one policy is better than another? It is necessary to evaluate the results that they can bring, for example, an improvement of economic indicators, social conditions, lowering the taxes, a decrease in the number of people getting to hospitals, an increase in the birth rate and a decrease in mortality, a reduction in emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, a decrease in the statistics of divorces, and the like.

  • Develop solutions
  • Suggest several ways to improve the situation. List specific actions to be taken by government, medical, educational, or any other institutions. Form real tasks achievable for a specific period of time. Compare two programs, define the measures that should be taken to achieve the goals. Describe the steps you would take to achieve the goals.

    Describe all possible consequences of the proposed decisions, both in the short and long term. It is obvious that each proposal has both advantages and disadvantages, and it will honest to provide a real picture, taking into account risks and costs. This analysis should occupy the bulk of the paper.

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  • Suggest actions
  • After evaluating all the important factors, you can propose a specific action plan that should lead the society to the positive changes. Take into account the possible obstacles and unforeseen turns of events.

  • Summarize
  • In the end, it is necessary to bring the lines of reflection to a single point in order to convince the reader of the rationality of your opinion. Again, emphasize the importance of the topic, briefly list the main arguments and conclusion to which they led, i.e. the need to apply the measures described earlier.

    Policy report structure

    If you want your project to look not as a school essay but as a serious document deserving the attention of high-ranking officials, it is necessary to arrange it correctly. As a rule, such papers are divided into the following sections:

  • Title page.
  • Introduction (description of the topic and a brief statement of the main idea).
  • Body (analysis and comparison of strategies, development of an action plan, description of consequences).
  • Conclusion.
  • Applications. It is an optional section where you can include any voluminous graphs, tables, drawings, calculations which are inconvenient to place in the main text.
  • After the report is written and structured, check it several times for errors. Make sure that all parts have the same style, that the paragraphs smoothly flow from one another. Then the document will be easily readable and convey your thoughts to the audience, ensure the realization of the goal set, whether it is getting a high mark or changing the world for the better.

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