How to write a suicide essay

How to write a suicide essay

It is at first glance that it is quite an easy assignment. However, this is not exactly the case. Expert writers know that working on such paper, a student is unlikely to have the most insightful and useful thoughts on the matter. You will most likely be surprised to hear it, but there are still some peculiarities of the essay genre that you should pay special attention to.

It is necessary to follow at least some part of the above information to write a good essay. So, let us start with the psychological aspects of the problem of suicide.

Suicide is a complex problem. Its study began in the field of studying the psychological consequences of the undesirable act. The first empirical research was conducted in the field of suicidal attempts. And this work spawned a whole science of suicidology, which, in turn, led to the emergence of new concepts and an idea of humanism. A suicidologist is a person who studies the death penalty and attempts of suicide among native peoples. Such a person is acquainted with the internal contradictions of the systems of conflict management in order to understand them perfectly. The suicidologist is able to take into account the interests of the environment and the behavior of each participant.

The study of suicide among urban residents was and remains an area of intense controversy. Even short persuasive speech on suicide may result in the fact that the speaker is able to provoke opponents of his opinion. This effect, of course, is broader in the scale of the problem of suicide, but its influence on individual lives of teenagers is even more profound.

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Given the fact that teenagers commit suicide often, we can assume that they are at the age of psyche. This age is regarded as the privileged one in society. Young people can consider themselves free because of this. However, in reality, such advantage is not realized, and the reverse happens: adults treat them harshly and it is proved in practice.

So, it may be stated in teen suicide essay that, in terms of suicidal attempts, youth is already doomed. It’s just difficult to understand the changes that have occurred in it.

The identification of youth as a “protected” age is inadequate at all. We clearly see the characters of youth killing in the street, but the defects of youth are often not even mentioned. It is another matter. Either way, youth is not a color of the skin, it is a mix of the most different types of human activity.

If you want to find out the factors that lead to youth being unhealthy, it is also not enough to look at the physical state of examiners. We recommend you to look at their emotional state, their minds, feelings and so on. This will help you to write a good persuasive essay on youth suicide.

The Identification of Suicide as a Mental Disorder

When writing the teenage suicide essay, it is worth distinguishing two types of examination: acute and chronic. The first one is suited for description. The acute type is characterized by the desire to commit self-murder without hesitation. Such a person, having reached a certain age, feels an irresistible aversion to mother, because now he expects to die at the final stage of a sad story.

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A chronic suicide problem is characterized by the weakening of humanism, loss of appetite, depression, mood. Even mentioned in youth essay should lead a reader to the idea that a person, able to contemplate and express his feelings, is able to suffer from them.

It should be mentioned in essays on teenage suicide that self-murder is considered as one of the main death types. This phenomenon is a deviation of the behaviour of a person, his openness or a sort of relaxation following a sense of anxiety. Due to the fact that a number of attempts is considerable, the psychological aspects of this problem are touched upon.

So, the answer to the question of what is considered a suicidal behavior is the occurrence of both temporary and permanent suicidal behavior. This is the second important fact to mention in studying the cause and effect of teenage suicide.

The causes of suicide are often defined as aggressiveness, imbalance of power when a man tries to exert excessive control over a woman. In addition to the above-mentioned facts, it is worth mentioning about familial factors that provoke victims and motives for committing self-murder.

The family is a normally functioning institution of society. However, facing the problem of suicide, it sheds no light. The reasons for the occurrence of self-murder are ambiguous. It is worth mentioning in teen suicide essay that the family loses its normal functioning if a teenager is actively depressed. The presence of depressive mood, feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem can lead to the appearance of ulterior motives, such as aggression, frustration with the chosen field of future work, vanity, etc.

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Having met the above-mentioned facts, you can lead to the following conclusion in teen suicide essay: suicide is a very complex problem in which various causes, manifestations and consequences of sexual behavior, attitudes towards it exist.