How to write a synthesis essay?

How to write a synthesis essay?

Academic writing experts recommend to pile up a list of papers on the table until you have a clear idea of the topic. So you will see, how many topics are left to explore.

Synthesis essay format

Besides the most common and routine topics, such as the definition of friendship, the most interesting issue to explore is synthesis essay. The synthesis essay allows to perform a really deep and thorough research of the given topic. Having said that, the academic paper should have a few different kinds. All of them should be transparent and easy to read. You should either have a so-called plan for friendship essay or a paper where you can write everything at once. It is really worth it. So, the first thing that we are going to learn in this article is how to define the best approach that makes for the most valid title, thesis statement, and the whole line of reasoning for your essay. So, let’s start with the easy material that is the essay definition.

The definition of friendship in social networks

As you can see from the definition of friendship in social networks, the range of friendship activities includes a few common types:

  • Online friendship is the communication between two or more individuals, despite any personal differences and differences, sharing their problems and joys.
  • Online friendship loses all voluntariness, courage and pride. All these things are true for the “digital” people. However, there are different types of friends, and they are important to understand.
  • Online friendship loses all spontaneity, aggression and negativity. We can call this type of friend neglecting control over the world. Such attitude towards other people and the world is associated with the structure of society, the ideology of some cultures, their culture and the overall cultural identity of the person. So, if you are looking for the negative side of the internet, you can define this type of hostility to friendship essay.
  • Technology. The generation of personal computers has made communication more convenient, more accessible and simple. The digitized means of communication have completely changed the way we see the world. Such changes are also associated with the Internet. Therefore, the word and concept of friendship, which are constant and remain stable at the world, even through the evolution of society.
  • Social media addiction. There is a category of ‘addicted’ users in social networks. Indeed, there are many such persons, but their motives and motives are often sociopratic and can be clearly characterized. One thing is always clear with the history of social media: there is a reason for searching for an audience of your audience.
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    The number of users of social media networks grows every day. Do they run the risk of becoming a disposable and start often looking for different purposes? The word and act of friendship on the network are sometimes just a means of reaching personal pleasure and satisfaction. Well-being and content creators rely on them, and this motivation might be just one of the purposes of reaching personal goals. We suggest you to consider the term ‘being friends’ as an important aspect of the process of achieving the initial goal on the basis of the interpersonal relationships in the network.

    The main difference between true friends and their virtual counterparts is the difference in the structure of the social network. In social networks, the image of friends is much closer to the ideal created by the collective psyche of the individuals, their image, and reaction to each other than to the norms of conventional morality. On the one hand, the virtual reality does not lend itself to art, and on the other – the technology of communication.

    How to write a friendship essay?

    Due to the fact that new friends are often thin, short, and interpersonal, some of them may appear quite dated or even obsolete. You can describe the amount of use of social media by the age of 30, a day by day comparison, or a month by month. We will start with the end of the twentieth century in the light of the most significant breakthroughs in the development of communication technologies.

    According to forecasts, in the coming years, the number of users of television, radio, and computer networks will steadily grow. As a result, the television will become a reliable assistant on the way to the primary consumer of communications. The image of people is rich and full of benefits. However, the actual use of these technologies is at the same time completely justified. The main goal of life and productivity appears instead in the virtual communication technologies.

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    The analogy with a well-known advertising agency is one of the most significant techniques of recruitment in the organization of communication. Such approach is based on a knowledge of the individual behavioral model of desire and opportunity which, in turn, is the result of a training of self-discipline, perseverance, ability to work hard and meet the requirements of a professionally constituted staff.

    The principle of meritocracy is based on a social theory of justice.