How to write a synthesis essay?

How to write a synthesis essay?

Studying in high school or college presupposes writing various types of academic papers: essay, report, review, etc. Having gained experience and having gained practical experience, you will get more sensitive to details and notice the slightest nuances. It is especially important for high school students to acquire self-study skill because they will have to master a large number of texts, write a decent research, and analyze it.

As a rule, high school students are given limited period of time for practical projects. We recommend you to start working on a paper in high school. You will have much more time for profound knowledge. It is quite easy for high school students to cope with an academic assignment. So start working on your own paper. Without losing heart, you will not have to sacrifice your pleasures for the sake of a misguided idea.

It is quite difficult for high school students to conduct an academic assignment. Many of them have a busy schedule, often juggling education and work in order to obtain professional experience at the moment. Also, a lot of time is spent on hobbies. An arduous path to academic success does not bother many young people. That is why they strive to spend a few years of youth on the university and create a proper image before the start of a path.

Sometimes, a wrong profession choice becomes a problem. For example, a person has not enrolled in a faculty one liked but followed parental advice or has given preference to a faculty where one’s friends studied. Over some time, a student understands that they should not have been expelled from a university but decided to relocate at least for a year. Over some years, a path to success seems to be quite obvious for a young person. But then they realize that, in order to achieve educational success, they must have an extensive experience in the chosen field.

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The main objectives of writing a synthesis essay are as follows:

  • To expose the topic and, at the same time, provide a balanced review of the problem.
  • To state the problem from different perspectives. A synthesis essay is such a paper. Of course, you do not need to reveal all aspects of the phenomenon under study, but the author should, at least, pay attention to the following aspects:
  • the theme of the paper (you shouldn’t go beyond it);
  • availability of the material;
  • nature of the work: if the work is practical, it is necessary to highlight the ways in which it was created;
  • contextual simplicity, the lack of many details.
  • The main part of the synthesis essay is a detailed description of the topic, consisting of several sections. To open the whole process, it is necessary to formulate a thesis which clearly states your position on the proposed topic, demonstrate caution in the choice of the material and theses, as well as provide a historical background of the issue.

    Section 1: Theoretical research.

    The first section of the synthesis essay is the theoretical research. It should describe the phenomenon under consideration, provide a unique analysis of the problem, elucidate the reasons for stimulating changes in the chosen area and the ways of possible overcoming the problems of the lack of understanding of the principle of smooth and uninterrupted progress through the entire history of the science of plasma physics, show the role of various methods for probing the physical processes responsible for the development of the technology of plasma.

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    The second part implies the research of possible ways to eliminate the problems identified in the theory of plasma physics. In particular, you can suggest ways to deal with the energy crisis when the reaction of deuterium synthesis is observed: as the result of the activation of the materials, the reacting mixture is converted into electricity with the help of electric generators.

    Electromagnetic fusion is the conversion of plasma – a mixture of deuterium and tritium in the reactor. This method has certain limitations, since it allows the leakage of hydrogen into the confinement system (the need for high pressure in the reactor is observed).

    Over the years, various systems for magnetic confinement have been proposed, among which the tokamak occupies a leading position. Another system for magnetic confinement of plasma is a stellarator. Large stellarators are currently being built in Japan and Germany.

    In a tokamak, the hot plasma has the form of a torus and is kept from contact with the surface by means of a magnetic field generated both by external magnetic coils and by current flowing through the plasma itself. However, the instabilities limit the allowable plasma pressure at a level of several percent of the magnetic pressure, and, therefore, the magnetic field is several times higher than the level required for the equilibrium of the plasma.

    To avoid the high energy consumption for maintaining the magnetic field, it must be created in the reactor by superconducting magnets. Such a technology is already at our disposal. One of the largest experimental tokamaks T-15 uses superconducting magnets to create magnetic fields.