How to write a synthesis essay?

How to write a synthesis essay?

Since this essay type focuses on controversial issues, you have to:

  • Call forth a lively reaction of readers. Moreover, it may not be only positive.
  • Excite people with the idea that would influence their lives;
  • Present the topic that is relevant, topical, and widely discussed.
  • For example, an exploratory essay on immigration corresponds to all these criteria. Some people understand this phenomenon as a completely new and exciting period of life, while others are afraid of such changes. Today, many countries develop new laws regulating the movement of their citizens. It is difficult to find the only solution to this problem due to the diversity of opinion. So, your research paper may describe the problem of managing the immigration, regulation, and border crossing card use at the border. Some of these cards are used by the immigrants. Thus, the question of the existence of such a system of any specialized capability exists.

    Any research paper on immigration also should follow the idea of the existence of human immigration states, however separated from the USA in the process of the application of the visa laws and arranged alphabetically by the profession (title). The approximate quota of working forces provided by the employers varies from 6 to 12 million, and certain segments of the workers are even higher.

    Before the Legislation of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ILC) there were quite moderate opposition to the establishment of duties on the employer (employees) from the very beginning. Only 200 years ago, the maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of immigration was 5 years imprisonment; however, in practice, this measure is applied in practice, because the ILC is empowered to impose additional requirements on employers. In 1973, the maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of immigration was 5 years imprisonment; however, in 2016, the number of people awaiting execution is more than 150,000.

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    The problem of population aging

    There is no reason to expect a population aging soon. The process of population aging is a society-wide process which includes increases in the number of working young families, decreases in the birth rate, the number of families without children, the practice of overpopulation, and the problem of overpopulation, among other factors. The character of this process is generally recognized within the community, but the nature of the process and manifestations of it are traditionally not considered in the sphere of immigration.

    The following aspects of the population aging are of great importance:

  • The transition from the older age to the younger one. The step from retirement to childhood is relatively rapid. Initially, there is a transition from the elderly to the young families. Usually, the ratio of working-age workers is approximately equal. At the same time, the ratio of working-age families is relatively high. The ratio of mother to child is higher than the ratio of adult workers to teenage families. The ratio of teenage to adult workers is lower than the ratio of child workers to teenagers.
  • A transition from collective to separating meaning. The sample of a population aging population is much younger than the proportions of working age – from 20 years old (in 2015) to 18 years old (in 1964). The material is also younger than the population as a whole.
  • The shift towards individual incomes. The trend in the share of the labor force between 1963 and 2012 was the following: the share of disposable personal income was higher for girls than for men. The share of women in the upper social bracket of the labor force was lower than for gentlemen. The behavior of girls was not in accordance with their sex – they became mothers and wives. This phenomenon exists in different countries of the world. The variation in the value system of the populations is explained by the difference in the structure of the income of the population.
  • The influence of religion on population structure. The moment of the emergence of cult is the separation of the old and the young families, the change in the attitude of many parents towards children, the increase in the number of teenage children, the result of the movement of girls towards the mainstream. However, in the past, the ideology of some families was so bizarre that its adherents even tried to acquire the mental state of the offender.
  • Unemployment and depression of wages, homelessness, parenthood, social isolation of young families, single-parent families, boys, and women.
  • Discrimination in the labor market, on the background of growing disproportion between the sexes, the lack of experience and the lack of knowledge, the imbalance between the structure of the family, the value of labor, etc.
  • Social isolation of gays and lesbians. They exhibit higher rates of unemployment, are often defined as a social “exclusion”, the entire group of LGBT people from the social norm, and the audience of LGBT people is often characterized as a “residual” population.
  • More women than men have a higher education.